Thursday, 25 September 2014

Call girls, tour options, official receipts, milky spas and more – Beijing welcomes you

Tiananmen Gate: China's symbol of power but "All Under Heaven" is laden with social ills.  
Beijing welcomes you – with technology and capitalism in full force. Fancy a companion with multiple talents? Looking for girls with pornography filming experiences? Desperate for a heavenly spa to relax? Need to look for a guide to visit the Ming Tombs and Great Wall? What about inflated receipts to claim for your shopping? In need of any of the services advertised above and you are not sure where to ask? Not a problem, it is just a call or WeChat away.
Here are some of the more than a few dozens of SMSes that will greets you upon activating your mobile phone’s international roaming when you lands in Beijing:
(Our club provides international and local girls, room service available, beautiful young ladies, office workers, university graduates, models, air stewardess, Japanese, Korean and European beauties, porn stars; call 18500781035, will not entertain SMSes, sorry for interrupting)

酒店美女 上门服务少妇学 . 空姐 模特 .三线明星 . 欧美等国家留学生 联系电话 13371718097 微信 xxxxxx1921
(Room service available for hotel beauties, students, models, porn stars, local and foreign university graduates, contact number 13371718097, WeChat xxxxxx1921)

(Hello, we can provide official receipts for all industries in Beijing with absolute guarantee and confidential. Tel: 13001276503, Mr. Liu.)
During my past China trips, I have never received advertising SMSes offering mostly sexual services until my recent Beijing trip. It was annoying to be receiving dozens of them throughout the day but it didn’t came across my mind to write about it until a friend from Singapore who is currently in Beijing shared her story about receiving similar SMSes. So much for the Great Firewall and censorship in China, illegal trades via mobile advertising that goes through the networks of China Mobile and China Unicom are now taking place right at the heart of China’s capital!

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