Sunday, 3 August 2014

Shame on DAP and Karpal’s family

It is so unbelievable to read that the driver of the late Karpal Singh is languishing in jail for there is no one to post his bail set at RM 5000.00 by the Kampar Sessions Court. Selvam Cornelius, the brother of the late Michael Cornelius pleaded not guilty on 9th of July to committing dangerous and reckless driving in an accident that killed the Tiger of Jelutong and his brother.
While I understand that the family of the late Karpal Singh can’t post the bail of their driver to avoid conflict of interest, I can’t make sense of the lame excuse given by Ramkarpal Singh who commented: “I have also been summoned to be a prosecution witness for the trial, so we cannot get involved in the case.” Yes, there is no doubt that he and his family members can’t get involved but what about other DAP leaders or members or the Pakatan Rakyat fraternity?
It is so strange that the DAP who claimed to be the champion of justice for all suddenly forget about someone in their own backyard. Or to the DAP, they’d forgotten that Selvam is not guilty until proven therefore he doesn’t deserve the bail by any of its party members? Or is it that is the way DAP leaders treat someone whom service is no longer needed?
Whatever it is, it is a shame to DAP and Karpal’s family that someone in their fold languishing behind the bars for there is no one to post the bail. Adding salt to the injury, two of DAP’s arch rival, Gerakan’s leaders are quick to come forward to offer their assistance and legal aid to the poor driver. What happened to other DAP leaders and members who are often quicker than Barisan Nasional to come forward on almost all issues? This is not an issue or pure hypocracy?
If Karpal can speak from his grave, what will he say?

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