Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Mahathir vs Najib: who will prevail this time?

Tun Mahathir is doing a déjà vu again and if we are looking for a great revisionist of the 21st century, I guess nobody can beat him. He does not only voice his opinions to revise his very own ideas to suit his whim and fancy when appropriate but also about leaders that he picked and groomed. In this case, I would say Tun Mahathir is a very confused man and a poor leader in picking successors.
So much for a once great statesmen who is credited with transforming Malaysia and putting us on a world map, he is now admitting that he’d bequeathed the seat of the Prime Minister of Malaysia to two men whom he think will bring Malaysia towards the path of destruction. Who is actually the one destructing Malaysia by creating rounds and rounds of political instability, each time because one man’s mistake in picking a successor?
After successfully sent his two Deputy Prime Ministers into retirement and one to jail while still in power and after successfully forced his successor into early retirement, Tun Mahathir is now gearing up to send Prime Minister Najib into retirement soon.
While I agree that Abdullah is the worst Prime Minister in Malaysia’s history and he deserved to be booted, I can’t say of the same to Prime Minister Najib. Yes, he may be silent of many issues but he is actually a doer behind the scenes. PM Najib may not be perfect or a great Prime Minister but he should be given more time to prove his mettle and to let his economy transformation agenda shows it result. Let the rakyat punish him by booting him out at the end his term if he fail and not just because he fail one man – Tun Mahathir.
We’d had enough of one man dictating who should be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Since this one man had admitted that he is wrong in picking Tun Musa Hitam, Tun Ghafar Baba, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Tun Abdullah and now Prime Minister Najib, should we trust it in him to pick another person again? If we are to trust him again to handle the seat of the Prime Minister of Malaysia to someone of his choice again, I am sure it will not take more than a few years for him to voice his mistake and express his regret in picking that person.
With all due respect, I hope that Tun Mahathir will just allow Prime Minister Najib to run his own show and allow the rakyat to determine if he deserves another term as the leader of this country. The rakyat will know how to boot him out if he fails, just as what the rakyat did to Abdullah by giving him to worst mandate in history. However, Tun Mahathir being Tun Mahathir, will he resign from UMNO again in an attempt to unseat Prime Minister Najib? For this so unpredictable and confused statesman who openly he admitted his mistake in picking 6, yes 6 would be successors and successors, everything is possible. Or maybe Tun Mahathir should just return to run the show as Prime Minister again till the end of the day to avoid anymore regret.
Can you hear the sound of the drums calling for war?In this latest political game of survival, who will prevail?

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