Monday, 21 July 2014

Is Allah unforgiving and petty?

I wonder if this man has some screws loose on his head or he is just one the many idiots produced by PAS’s indoctrination? Is this man is trying to portray that Allah, the God believe by Muslims is the unforgiving and petty one?
Shame it on Mr. Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman who is also the Kedah PAS Youth information chief for portraying to Muslims as well as non- Muslims like me that Allah is the unforgiving and petty God that will take the lives of 537 innocent people who choose to fly with Malaysia Airlines, an airline that has flouted Islamic rules. He said that MAS’s sins are inappropriate dressing by its stewardess and for serving alcoholic drinks.
Thus, for the sins of Malaysia Airlines that Allah is so “unforgiving” and “petty” that 239 lives from MH370 and 298 lives from MH17 must be sacrificed?  What about Emirates Airlines which is wholly owned by Dubai which also serve alcoholic drinks on board?  What about Qatar Airways which is the state owned flag carrier of Qatar? What about Etihad Airways, the flag carrier airline of the United Arab Emirates based in Abu Dhabi? These three are the example of Muslim owned airlines that serve alcoholic drinks on board.
So, what does Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman have to say about them and other airlines that have sexy dressing air stewardess as well as serving alcoholic drinks? This time, I hope that he will use his brain before he speaks for he is sending the wrong message about Allah to everyone. I certainly do not believe that Allah will take the lives of the innocents just because they fly with what deemed by PAS leaders as sinful airlines. 
Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman further attest his stupidity by saying that: Flying in a MAS plane does not give passengers the feeling of an airline operated by a country which organizes the annual Quran recital competition and in fact, even winning the competition. So, what kind of feeling should one have when flying?
Hereby, I call on the relevant authority to take action against Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman for giving misleading message to Muslims and non-Muslims about Allah, who is certainly not unforgiving and petty.

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