Sunday, 1 June 2014

Internal problem caused DAP to lose

History is written again in Teluk Intan and miracle created. For once again, now Teluk Intan is having an MP who is going to be made a minister soon. Congratulations to Dato’ Mah Siew Keong for your bitter sweet history. So, I hope that what you’ve promised in your manifesto will be delivered as soon as possible.
However, what I really hope for is that you can help to upgrade the road linking Teluk Intan and Bidor into a 4 lane federal road without potholes.  I am sure all Ministers, MPs and leaders who came to Teluk Intan knew how bad is the condition of this main road linking Teluk Intan and the North South Highway. There is no more excuse that there aren’t any allocations for upgrade of roads, utilities and facilities in Teluk Intan.
Everyone knows that Ministers have special allocations for their constituency.  I also hope that you will get a more senior Ministerial position compared to Koh Tsu Koon who entered the Cabinet through back door. You’ve asked for a front door entrance and the people of Teluk Intan have given it to you. Do not disappoint us again even you know that 19919 of the voters didn’t vote for you and the spoilt votes are more than your majority.
For the DAP, Dyana, you did a good job despite all the challenges that you faced. You lose not because the people rejected you. I am not a political analyst but I just want to tell you why you lose the outstation votes and why some much needed Chinese votes swing. You lose because of overconfidence in most of your supporters and your leaders, therefore the much needed outstation voters didn’t come back, all thinking that you are going to win anyway looking at all the huh hah that you’ve received since nomination day.
The second factor that you lose is because of the boycott of grassroots DAP leaders aligned to the late Seah Leong Peng as well as his family, friends and supporters. I am sure you know this issue from the very beginning but nobody in your party ever takes a very hard approach to pacify them, especially the Seah family. It is sad that your Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng denied about cracks in Teluk Intan DAP.
We all knew that your campaign workers are all from outstation, only a few local leaders are around. Even Terence Naidu, the state assemblyman for Pasir Bedamar is hardly to be seen on your campaign trail. Without the local leaders from your party, your leaders find it hard to penetrate through the many temples and associations in town and thus denied you the opportunity to get to know the local leaders and businessmen that held certain influence in town.
Everyone in town knew about the bitterness of Seah Leong Peng’s widow, including his mother. There are many versions of rumors that spread by the people of your own party. Before the Election Day, half the town knew that Seah Leong Peng’s widow asked their relatives and friends not to come out to vote for you. I am sure you know this too but your leaders failed to bring them out. On Election Day, Seah Leong Peng’s widow, Kee Siu Lian did not come out to vote, so does many of his friends and relatives.
Seah Leong Peng’s mother had been asking everyone that she know to spread the word that your party caused his son’s death. Including the rumors that Nga Kor Ming asked Seah to resign to pave way for a by-election. I believe Nga Kor Ming is innocent, how would he want a by-election that everyone would avoid at all cost. My friend’s cousin who is Seah’s relative told my friend that Seah Leong Peng’s mother asked the people to vote for Mah Siew Keong to teach DAP a lesson. 

Yes, indeed you saw how the votes at SJK© Phooi Yong and SJK© San Min dropped a hell lot as compared to GE 13. Their influence, though is small, are there. Kampung Batu 12 is another of Seah's stronghold. You know that none of the DAP members there come out to support you. That is because they were told to teach DAP a lesson. 
Hell hath no fury a woman scorned. Your party should have brought Kee Siu Lian and his mother in-law out to your ceramah circuit or press conference to support you. But their overconfidence and sometimes, arrogance caused you losing by just 238 votes. I’ve noticed that you’ve failed in your ceramah, press conference and your open letter to the Teluk Intan voters to ask those who’ve supported Seah Leong Peng in the last election please continue their support towards you. I hope that your leaders will learn this lesson well and you can add this into your political experience. For the winner and loser, 238 is the magical numbers that should be analyzed.  
History will probably write that Dato’ Mah Siew Keong won and Dyana Sofya lose in the battle of Teluk Intan because of a widow and mother.

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