Friday, 13 June 2014

A tribute to my late father

“Though nothing can bring back the hour,
 Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower
We will grieve not, rather find, 
Strength in what remains behind;”                          William Wordsworth
Daddy mounting a camel during our visit to the Taklamakan Desert
My beloved father passed away on Friday, 6th June 2014 at 12.10pm at Tropicana Medical Center. The cause of death is pulmonary embolism. It is a very sudden departure as most friends and relatives were not informed that he will be undergoing a surgery to remove a tumor tucked in between his kidney and liver.
There are many questions from shocked and grieving friends and relatives that my family and I didn’t get to answer during the funeral and thereafter, thus I am writing this piece to put the final jigsaw into the whole puzzle.  I would have to admit this is the hardest composition that I have written thus far in life. I am still grieving but I seek to find strength in what remains behind.
At around 7.30 am on 6th June, my mother and I accompanied my jovial and upbeat father to the operating theater but we never see him alive again.  During the surgery to remove the lump, an embolism attached to his lump and main vein dislodged and travelled to his lung in split second. For the next 70 over minutes, the surgeons, headed by Dr. Zamzuri Zakaria tried their best to save him which includes dosages of blood thinner injections, CPR and others. The rest, I would say, is history and fated. 
There are many questions about the selection of doctors, second opinions and even some bigotry statements in this time of crazy racial divide fanned by irresponsible NGOs and stupid politicians, because all these while, only my mother and me interacts with Dr. Zam and other respective surgeons.
A very knowledgeable man and a man always ahead of his time; my father had no slightest doubt about Dr. Zam’s ability and his genuine and sincerity in helping others. (My father’s grasp of technology and his knowledge of smart phones and computers far surpassed me). If my father is still around today, I believe he will praise Dr. Zam as a very good doctor that gave him more than necessary medical attention and going the extra mile which not many other doctors will do. I hope this explains why a second opinion in Singapore suggested by my mother and myself was rejected by my father. Dr. Zam cried and grieves with us. He continues to send messages almost daily to enquire about my mother, again, a care and concern hardly rendered by other surgeons
A loving husband to my mother, a great father to his my brothers and I, a very generous and kind brother, uncle and friend to all that know him, my father rest in peace  without much pain and suffering. It is often said that God loves the good ones that He want them to be free from the suffering of the mortal world fast and quick.
My father leaves us with strings of legacies and pearls of wisdom that we will never forget. His humbleness, his kindness and his generosity touched the hearts of everyone that know him. Even the security guards at my residence in Kuala Lumpur wept upon knowing his demise, a further testament of my father’s kindness.
Daddy, I will miss you a lot, I will miss the moments of laughter with you while having Chinese tea, I will miss the annual overseas trips that we did together, and I will miss you taking us for great dinners over the weekend and many more. We will take good care of grandmother and mom. We will take good care of your business, the beautiful house that you’ve painstakingly designed for us, the lovely plants that you’ve planted and everything that you’ve left behind. Daddy, rest in peace.

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  1. Miss him a lot.... still digesting... Loo reat in peace.