Thursday, 15 May 2014

Will Dyana Sofya make Teluk Intan Mah Siew Keong’s Waterloo?

This kind of "servive" will harm BN more than helping.
When it was reported that Malaysiakini yesterday that Dyana Sofya, a fellow Perakian and Political Secretary to Lim Kit Siang is might be DAP’s candidate in Teluk Intan, the same set of friends whom I spoke to earlier that had misgivings about Hew Kuan Yaw’s candidacy were all in jubilant mood.

My Muslim friends do not mind to vote for DAP this time if Dyana is the candidate because they are tired of the likes of Perkasa and ISMA and they want to use the ballot box to tell the ultras that they want back the status quo of good relationship with non- Muslims. This, by voting for Dyana will be the best message they want to send to the Malay rights group.

My Indian friends however are still divided. Some are really hard core BN supporter while the rest agree that Dyana is a better choice that will give Mah a run for his money. Well, the Chinese votes, need not to say,  is solid behind DAP. Those that will not vote for DAP if the candidate is Hew Kuan Yew will now give their full support for " cap Rocket". Besides that, the Chinese want to prove to Tun Mahathir that the Chinese are not those who do not want to share anything with other races and they believe that voting for a Malay candidate is the best way they can convey the message that Tun M is wrong.

Dyana is now the acceptable candidate that everyone is wishing DAP will announce as the one representing the party to contest in the coming Teluk Intan by-election. If Dyana is the candidate, looks like Dato’ Mah Siew Keong will face an uphill battle in wrestling back Teluk Intan. The talk in town is that Dyana is smart, young, dynamic and everyone should give this gutsy law graduate a chance.
Some had even started to call her “chili padi”, a name that was once so associated with former Batu Gajah MP, Fong Po Kuan. Another common talk in town is that since Batu Gajah’s chili padi is no longer in politics, we need another one and let Teluk Intan have the honor to send another one to parliament. They want to hear Dyana "roar".
Feeling threaten by Dyana, those that practice gutter politics are quick to circulate photos of Filipino actress Pauleen Luna in pink bikini. Those who claim it is Dyana in the photos are stupid nuts that are doing BN a disservice. If they think that by discrediting Dyana’s faith as a Muslim in bikini is going to help propel Mah Siew Keong back to parliament, they are actually making Teluk Intan the Waterloo for Mah Siew Keong. Allow the gentleman Dato' Mah Siew Keong to fight his battle the gentlemanly way. Do not underestimate the wisdom of the people of Teluk Intan.
P/S: I am again writing this piece on my personal capacity as Teluk Intan is my hometown. Although I am no fan of Mah Siew Keong,  I do not wish that Teluk Intan will be Mah Siew Keong’s Waterloo because of gutter politics, therefore I hope that troublemakers like Perkasa, ISMA and those brainless cyber troopers will not do anymore damage to BN. Gutter politics will only make the fence sitters swing to DAP besides alienating traditional BN supporter.

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