Friday, 9 May 2014

Tribute to my mother on Mother’s Day

Dad, mom and myself at daddy's lovely garden, circa 2014.
Among friends, we often joke that if one wants to have good genes and good life, one must choose one’s parents well, look clearly from the top before arriving on earth to be who’s who precious child. In this case, I guess I’d inherited equally fair share of good genes from my mother and father and certainly, a very good life indeed.
Since small, for some reasons that I still have not found out, everyone call me “girl” instead of my name. It stuck till today. Everyone at home still call me “girl” which will make me blush when I think of kids calling me aunty, worse, when I start to see strands of grey hair starting to occupy more territory on my head. However, no matter how much older I’ve grown since the days when mom will check on my homework and I knew exactly how much strokes of cane I’ll get for my examination result, I’m always the little girl in mom’s heart.
Close friends always envy the number of times I speak to mom everyday regardless of where I am around the world. We will Skype each other, talk about everything like good friends, check out on each other’s activities on Facebook and I take it with great pride that mom will read my every blog, occasionally giving her comment that I write with too little censorship. But mom, I am very certain that I inherit from dad the straightforwardness in our character that we will call a spade a spade, nothing else.
Recently, after moving into our new family home, mom has taken interest in drinking Chinese tea very much to my delight. Whenever I am home, mom will invite her close friends over for tea at our balcony. She and dad will then look on with great pride as I brew the tea and start to chit chat about current issues, especially politics. Mom used to shun Chinese tea because she claims that she can’t sleep after drinking certain tea until we found the right one. You’ll be surprised that mom now loves green pu erh tea and she sleep soundly after all the tea sessions. Mom is also starting to like purple clay teapots. Duh!!
There are many more things that I would love to write about my dearest mom but I think I’d better leave it till the next Mother’s Day and the next next next one that we will celebrate. Last but not least, thank you, mom, for everything of the best and finest that you’ve given me. Finally, thank you very much for agreeing to sponsor me and Lip Yong for our upcoming Hokkaido trip in late July……haha (err if I don't hear it wrong). By the way as everyone know, mom is the Finance Minister at home, a job that she did very well over the years. I love you, mom.  

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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