Thursday, 22 May 2014

Teluk Intan will get sluggish broadband if DAP win, threatened Minister Shabery Cheek

Communications and Multimedia Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek today said that people of Teluk Intan will not be enjoying faster broadband facilities if they decided not to elected Dato’ Mah Siew Keong. The excuse given by the minister is that it can only be realized if the candidate comes from the same party as the one that oversees the local authorities (PBT).

Ahmad Shabery added that, the local authorities must provide the basic broadband infrastructure in the area concerned. This is not true. There is no such thing that the basic broadband infrastructure is provided by the local authorities. It is the telecommunication companies that are responsible for their entire infrastructure.
Ahmad Shabery, don’t forget that the people of Teluk Intan are taxpayers too that pay your salary as a Minister to carry out your duty. It is your job to ensure that all Malaysians have a fair treatment and it is so unthinkable that a Minister like you will utter such a rubbish statement that if the people don’t vote for BN, they will suffer sluggish broadband. If GLC such a Telekom can’t provide the service, the people know that they have the choice of Maxis, Celcom, P1 and Yes broadband, therefore, dear minister, don’t undermine the wisdom of the people of Teluk Intan.
What about your voters in Kemaman? They voted for you and you U-turn ex Menteri Besar cum mentor but as what I know, your voters do not enjoy any better internet service and they have to wait for months to get even a simple phone line connected to their house. And what have you done for them?

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