Sunday, 18 May 2014

Rupesh Paul, are you a human being?

Missing Malaysian Jet Movie 'The Vanishing Act' Promoted at Cannes screamed the headlines of NBC News.
The Associated Press (AP) reported that Indian director Rupesh Paul and his company, Rupesh Paul Productions will produce a movie with the title 'The Vanishing Act' which promises to tell the untold story of the missing MH370. Rupesh Paul Productions is currently promoting "The Vanishing Act" among buyers at the Cannes Film Festival. Paul hopes to shoot the film in India and the United States and plans a worldwide release in September.
Rupesh Paul, I don’t deny your rights to make a movie with regards to MH 370. But, didn’t you think it is too premature now to make a film on this missing plane? Will it make your company goes bankrupt if you didn’t make the movie as soon as possible? If it is not, then why can’t you just wait till then there is a closure on what happened to MH 370 before you start your filming?
Have you ever thought of the feelings of the family members and friends of those on board? Have you ever thought that you might err which will result in unfair judgment towards the pilot, first officer and the crews? Have you ever thought of their next of kin that might bear the scars for the rest of their life? Will you apologize if your movie ended with retorted facts on what actually happened?
Last but not least, Rupesh Paul, are you a human being or a heartless greedy bastard that can’t wait to capitalize on the missing plane on which its fate is still unknown and the search operation is still on going? I would also like to tell you that the trailer released by Rupesh Paul Productions for ‘The Vanishing Act’ sucks. You can’t even get the uniform of MAS’s crew right so how sure you are that you can get the other basic facts right? Finally, don’t send your associate director of the movie, Sritama Dutta to talk nonsense that contradicts your promotional material.
If you are still a human being, I hope that you will stop the production of the movie until there is a closure and ending to the MH 370 tragedy.  

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