Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My little respect for Hew Kuan Yaw

I’m not Hew Kuan Yaw’s fan. I do not like his ceramah style that is peppered with foul languages. I’d always criticize him for his cursing and swearing at BN leaders at every opportune. I’d even said that if Hew Kuan Yaw is the candidate from DAP in Teluk Intan, Dato’ Mah Siew Keong will win easily because female and young professional voters felt that he is uncouth and they will not vote for him.
However, there is one thing that I must give my respect for Hew Kuan Yaw. When he was not selected as DAP’s candidate in the coming Teluk Intan by-election, he did not sulk, he did not sabotage the party and he accept it with open heart. In return, he is working extremely hard at every DAP ceramah to campaign for Dyana Sofya. There is no DAP ceramah in town without the presence of Hew. Infact, he had acquired his own fan group that purposely goes to the DAP ceramah to listen to the Superman speak.
He had been using the kung fu legend Master Wong Fei Hung analogy to explain why he was not chosen as candidate, why his sifu, Lim Kit Siang whom he referred to as Wong Fei Hung and DAP, the Poh Chi Lam need to field Aunty No 13, Dyana Sofya as the candidate to fight against the bad guy opium seller Sek Kin, which is BN. He had been urging hard for the voters not to shame fellow Teluk Intan people by not voting for DAP and asked that the voters not to get addicted with the opium given out by BN and Mah Siew Keong.
What a true party man! Hew, we may come from different party, but in this aspect, I really respect you. However, something different is happening too in Teluk Intan. DAP’s grassroots who backed Hew are not coming out in full force to support Dyana Sofya. They are still bitter that he and former Jalong State Assemblywoman Leong Mee Meng were not selected.
A silence boycott and sabotage is ongoing, which includes spreading the words that the late Seah Leong Peng had dictated in his will that he want Hew Kuan Yaw to represent Teluk Intan when he passed on and that DAP is not heeding the words of a dead man. However, a check with a relative of Seah confirmed that no such “will” ever taken place. All that were spreading were untrue and malicious. Some people even linked BN to this rumor and this is utterly unfair to BN. This rumor starts from disgruntled DAP grassroots leaders.
Another silence boycott is the disappointing act of Seah’s widow, Kee Siu Lian. Kee had openly said that she would not campaign for DAP if Hew Kuan Yaw or Leong Mee Meng is not selected to replace her late husband. Till today, Kee had been keeping her elegance silence over Dyana Sofya’s candidacy and did not for once came out to campaign for the DAP. What Kee probably did not realize is that her act is undoing what her late husband did to ensure that Teluk Intan remains in DAP’s fold. It is still not too late for Kee to do something.
I hope that Kee can learn from Hew Kuan Yaw that she must put the party above personal grudges and factionalism in the party. I may not like Hew Kuan Yaw but he had my respect for putting the party above all else. This is something that BN leaders should learn too.

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