Friday, 9 May 2014

Hello ISMA, you all are “pendatang” too and do you pay tax?

ISMA chief, Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman, the descandent of "pendatang" too.
Why don’t we all set the record straight once and for all that everyone is a “pendatang” (migrants) in Tanah Melayu that is later called Malaya and then Malaysia? Regardless of Chinese, Indian or Malays, everyone’s ancestors are migrants in this country. The only difference is that the Malays come earlier than the Chinese and the Indians from the Malay Archipelago that includes today’s Indonesia.

Since Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (ISMA) bring up the topic that Chinese and Indians must be reminded of the historical fact that they are migrants and intruders, let me remind ISMA chief Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman and his gang that they should check their own historical facts too. If he is not too sure, he can always refer to Sejarah Melayu (The Malay Annals) that his forefathers come from today’s Indonesia, founded the settlement here and settled down as rulers and subjects.
With due respect to our Sultans and the King, all their ancestors can trace their roots to our neighboring country. And probably ISMA has forgotten too that all our former Prime Ministers can trace their roots too, to Indonesia and Tun Dr. Mahathir’s ancestor came from Kerala in India. Aren’t they are all migrants too; if not what do we call them?  So, my advice to ISMA chief, you are the one that need to study the history before you speak.
The only difference with all the migrants in this country is the timing our ancestors arrive. Nobody can claim that they are the true son and daughters of this soil except for the orang asli. Don’t try to create unnecessary racial tension and put the blame that the Chinese cause the May 13 incident. If another racial riot is to happen, history will write that Perkasa and you are the one that create it and that is tantamount to betrayal of the King and the country!
And today, you, Abdullah Zaik and gang mention that we should pay tax. Yes, I agree, we all should pay tax. Isn’t Tun Dr. Mahathir who said that Indians are all lawyers, Chinese are all rich? The Tun is probably right; because the official government data shows that the Chinese are the major tax payer in this country. How about your own race, Zaik, and how about yourself? Do you submit your tax return every year and if yes, please show it to us how much you’d contributed.
By the way, if you dislike to much the way this country is run and if you think the government is giving in too much to the Chinese, I would advise ISMA members and other like-minded Malaysians, especially PERKASA, Ridzuan Tee Abdullah to heed the advice of the Home Minister – GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY! MIGRATE ELSEWHERE. And yes, we should not leave out Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah. Buying air tickets in bulk and buying basically everything you will need in the new country in bulk will be much cheaper.
Dr. Mahathir complained that Prime Minister Najib is weak because the rakyat does not give him strong majority. Yes, good old Tun is very right. How can the rakyat give the BN government a strong majority with court jesters like you guys around? Pindahlah dari Malaysia demi kebaikan Barisan Nasional, kalau tidak tahu mana nak pergi, baliklah Indon, wahai si pendatang.

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