Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Conversion to Muslim doesn’t mean you are Malay

I have only one advice to the Muslim convert lecturer and columnist of Sinar Harian, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah that even you are a Muslim convert, you are not Malay. In the race column that you need to fill in, since that the government is not doing away with race at official documents, you are still a Chinese. No matter how much you want to run down your own race and non-Muslims, it will not help to change your status from a Chinese to Malay.  Therefore, you should know your roots and don’t try to use your Muslim convert status to speak that you have the moral authority to educate other people.
Freedom of religion is guaranteed in our Constitution. Nobody say a thing when you convert. Thus, you should also respect other people’s religion and stop making stupid statements about temples and churches. You should be the one to migrate from Malaysia if you can’t tolerate non-Muslim institutions in Malaysia. Compared to ISMA Chief and Perkasa, who are you to defend Ketuanan Melayu even if it is true that Ketuanan Melayu is in danger? You will still be considered an outsider.
Non-Malays in this country are not interested in changing the status quo about the status of the Royal Institution, about Islam as the official religion and about the need to uplift the Malays to be economically independent. All we want is just the equal opportunity and equal rights as fellow Malaysians and by all means, we have deep respect for the Royal Institution.
Don’t try to play with fire to create racial tension. As I’ve said to ISMA, don’t blame the Chinese if racial riot happen but instead you guys are the one that should be blamed.  Finally, I hope that, you, so called the learned one in Islamic teaching don’t forget that the Quran explicitly states that any action that damages the world and the community is a terrible sin. I am sure you will know the meaning of Fasaad fi al-ardh better than me.

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