Monday, 12 May 2014

Celcom’s service sucks big time

It is perhaps time to change my mobile service provider. I have been Celcom’s loyal customer since 2008 despite the many attempts by other mobile service provider to try to convert me to be their customer with special rates and other benefits because I’d always find Celcom's service to be good and I’ve never have any problem.
However, the problems started to appear in early March this year when I was in Singapore.  I was unable to connect to the data roaming service despite having no previous problem with it. I called up Celcom to report the problem when I was still in Singapore to rectify it but was unsuccessful. I’d even contacted M1, the roaming partner for Celcom in Singapore but was told that it is Celcom’s problem so the matter should be referred back to them. When my bill arrived, I was charged for the data roaming service that I never get to enjoy in Singapore.
I called Celcom again to lodge another complain about the charges and was promised that they will look into the matter. Until today, nobody from Celcom ever call me to resolve the issue. The charges remain! I was in Singapore again a few days ago and the same problem happened again. I was unable to do data roaming. Once again I called Celcom but was passed from one department to another without any solution in sight and finally they said it is the problem with M1 Singapore. Thus, I went to M1’s outlet at Bugis Junction but was told that it is Celcom’s problem.
So, whose problem is it? It couldn’t be the setting on my phone because I have no problem roaming in other countries but just in Singapore. I then  switched my roaming provider to Singtel to try out the data roaming but wasn't able to get my data roaming too. Therefore, it is evident that the problem lies with Celcom.
Apart from the nuisance with data roaming, I’d on 30th April called Celcom to activate a feature to my mobile number and was promised that it will be activated within 24 hours. Until today, at time of writing, the activation for the feature is still not being done. I’d made follow up calls with Celcom on 2nd May and 5th May to get an answer for the failure of activation to this feature. All that I get is we are still trying to get the technical department to solve the problem. Instead of the 24 hours promised, it has been 12 days since then and I am still waiting.
By the way, one must be very patient when one call their customer service hotline because the waiting time will be at least 15 minutes before their customer service representative pick up your call.  I am taking it a step further to think that calling Celcom and expecting them to solve one’s problem is actually a health hazard. It can cause one’s blood pressure to shoot up that that can possibly lead to heart attack and stroke.  I called Celcom awhile ago. I just put the call on speaker phone, listening to the lousy music while having my dinner. It took 23 minutes before someone pick up my call.

No matter what time you call, the first thing that greets you from their automated recorded service is “your call is important to us, our customer service representative will be with you shortly”. If you are calling during the daytime, another common automated recorded voice that you will hear is “we are currently experiencing high call volume. Please call us back shortly” and the next thing is you'll find that your call has been cut off.
When their customer service representative finally answered your call and after you'd explained your problems, it will take another 20-30 minutes before they check through their system for your problems. It will usually end with “we will come back to you regarding this problem”. My experiences so far are that they never come back to me. It is me that is the one going back to them. 
It is time for Celcom to buck up. It is just unacceptable that they take months to solve a simple problem of data roaming issue and 12 days (and still counting) to solve a feature activation problem. Dato Sri’ Shazalli, it is time for you to kick the butt of your technical and customer service team before your customers go in droves to your competitors who are offering better package and better service. Now that Morten Lundal and his talent team from Digi is in Maxis, you may want to do something before your contract is up for renewal and before MCMC slap your telco with more fines. 


  1. Celcom also like to bar my phone line on 30th or 31st every month. I have no accrued. It like they loss a million buck giving customer few days extra day to settle their bill. I am a celcom user of 8 years and recently change a job where my salary is at the first day of the following month. For that matter I changed to maxis. Ha!

    1. Till now they still have not resolved my issue. Sigh

  2. Same thing happens when I go to Malaysia. I'm a M1 user and did not use any data at all. Data roaming on my phone was turned off but when I came back, I got charges everyday by Celcom. I dont have any issues in any other county. I have an inkling its a problem with celcom.

  3. Data roaming in Chengdu China is terribly bad. Data was not available most of the time unless I restart the phone. But in less than 10 mins, data will be unavailable again. Terrible service from Celcom.

    1. Dear Florence,

      Besides that, they simply charge for data roaming too, by saying that I activated my roaming data not with their partner as stated. But comparing to Maxis, Celcom is still better.

  4. Err, please don't get caught up in factionalism as in "My mobile provider is better than yours". That's how they play the politics game. And same goes for religion. We need to be aware of this weakness in the human psyche.

    The truth is, the 3 Stooges of Malaysia's telco industry suck big time - Maxis/Digi/Celcom.

    I am a soon to be ex-Celcom user, and even though I was with Celcom for years, it is only on a use them and dump them basis. Because plainly speaking, they suck, and never bother to improve even after all these years.

    Monitor their line carefully. Every day around evening time, my line goes to 3G or E status, and degrades. I cannot play any mobile game properly as a result. And if I can play, Celcom's terrible connection ensures that I lose A LOT of the time. So yes, I am extremely pissed off at them. And you can be sure, they do NOT care about you as a customer. And their phone call center service is next to useless.

    Thank God for TM's new mobile service coming out very soon. I cannot wait to dump Sialcom.