Monday, 7 April 2014

Where are the private jets of Malaysian tycoons?

I am touched when I read from New Zealand Herald that the well-known director of Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy director Sir Peter Jackson allowed his private jet to join the search for MH 370 at Southern Indian Ocean.
Bought in March last year for 80 million dollars, the Gulfstream G650 with the registration ZK-KFB is reportedly being used to help facilitate communications among the flights scouring the Indian Ocean for any sign of the missing airliner
The makers of the Gulfstream G650 describe it as an "ultra-high-speed, ultra-long-range business jet" and it can travel from Wellington to Alaska without needing to refuel and can fly close to the speed of sound. Sir Peter's jet is managed by the international aviation charter service Execujet in Wellington.
However, Jackson’s spokesperson refused to say much except that Jackson does not want any publicity from this. Curious, I called an old friend in Wellington who knows Jackson to find out more and I was told that he did it out of charity. Towards the end of our conversation, I was appalled when I was asked, where are the private jets of Malaysian tycoons?
“Too busy fetching its owner to close business deals,” I replied jokingly.
“How about that Tiong guy who own two? What about the Lim’s? AK’s? How about the one who lend his jet to be used by Anwar and gang to go to Sabah and Sarawak before the general election? Isn’t this is the best time to do something for the country?” my friend digs further.
I was speechless but I am asking too, where are the private jets of our tycoons?

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