Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Teluk Intan through the lenses

During my short trip home to over the weekend, I shoot some photos of the few places in Teluk Intan mostly related to food as we can’t talk about this town without a reference here and there for all the famous food that one must try. I also took some pictures of some colonial buildings in this once important tin export town, via the Teluk Intan port which is no longer around.  Teluk Intan also used to boast a railway line that connects it other towns via Tapah but the line was dismantled in 1992. 

Jalan Mahkamah alongside the Perak River consists colonial buildings such as of the old Courthouse, old Police Station and the still in operation HSBC Bank and Post Office. After a 90 degree turn, the iconic Clock Tower comes in full view.
WW1 memorial stone at the intersection leading into the town, lonely and almost forgotten.

The Old Courthouse
HSBC Bank, the first in town. 

The former police station, abandoned for years.

Post Office. 
I was told by the my father that mid-size tankers used sail all the way up the Perak River from the Straits of Melaka to unload oil at the Shell Depot at Jalan Maharaja Lela while barges will pick up smelted tin bars from the Chin Ho Tin Smelting Company also located at the same road. However, all these stopped in the late 80s and early 90s when tin lost its shine and the silt and sediments that build up along the Perak River made it too shallow for the tankers and ships to navigate. The Shell depot was then moved to Lumut.

The leaning clock tower - an icon need no introduction.
Finally, how can I forget my secondary school, Convent Teluk Intan that holds so many memories, and the St Anthony Secondary School that is directly opposite ours. These were the two top schools in town for the boys and the girls and any closer interaction within two students from these two schools will sure yield some gossips, or worse, an "invitation" to the disciple teacher's room. Ah...those were the days when we were expected to study, do well, excel in co-curriculum activities and lovey dovey matters can wait till we are more mature, we were told. 

To be No 1 in everything was instilled in us like brainwashing.
One of the two entrances to St Anthony. 
The ice kacang, cendol and rojak stall about 50m from our school is the favourite spot to hang out after school.
A drive in counter for punters - one the many funny things in small towns across Malaysia.
The pictures below are to serve as guide to visitors to Teluk Intan hunting for food: 
The famous Laksa stall next to former Rex Cinema.

Liew Kee Chee Cheong Fun, be here early to avoid the que.
Nasi Kandar Krishna
Tai Chong Seafood Restaurant & Al Fresco  

The place for Mee Rebus. Opposite The Store. 

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