Saturday, 26 April 2014

Teluk Intan is ashamed to have produced “bomoh king” Ibrahim Mat Zin

He did it again.  This crazy man with a few screws loose in his head is trying to grab the headlines again. After his stunts at KLIA with carpet, basket and coconuts that has gone viral worldwide, and a failed attempt to get sponsors to Perth to help the search for MH 370, self-styled bomoh Ibrahim Mat Zin is now capitalizing on the many deaths along our North South Expressway and the East Coast Highway which recently saw the death of Karpal Singh and his assistant.
He is now asking for a helicopter ride from Johor to Perlis and along the East Coast Expressway to enable him to bestow his magical powers that would rid the spirits that haunt the path. Despite the warning by JAKIM that his act is against the teachings of Islam, Ibrahim never seem to be stopping his act. If JAKIM is quick to say “Rest in Peace” is against Islam, JAIS is quick to seize the bibles from the Bible Society and Pahang Islamic and Malay Customs Council (MAIP) is quick to ban the bible or other holy scriptures from hotels, why the relevant authority is so slow is getting this “bomoh King” to face the law?  
Why this Ibrahim Mat Zin is still allowed to go on with his laughing stock antics and mumbo jumbo? Isn’t this man is clearly doing things contrary to the teachings of Islam.Is this bomoh is so well protected by his can’t be seen supernatural protectors, that is why the authority can’t get him? Or is it he is protected by certain individual with super good connection to Putrajaya? Or is it just plainly because the authority is enjoying his stunts too?
If Malaysians of all races are very ashamed of this lunatic, it can’t beat the shame that the people of Teluk Intan felt. He was born and bred in Kampung Ayer Itam, a small village about 13 miles from Teluk Intan. His family house can be seen from the roadside on the road that links Teluk Intan and Birdor. A boastful man known to everyone in town, it was said that he was chased off his own village a few years ago after some scuffles with his neighbors. He is now residing near to Tapah and named his semi brick and wooden house a “istana” (palace).
“Buat malu saja orang Teluk Intan itu bomoh gila (Shame on us the people of Teluk Intan that lunatic shaman)” is what one hears frequently at eateries and markets in this quaint little town.
If the authority is serious about getting the teachings of Islam right in this country, for goodness sake, man like Ibrahim Mat Zin should be the first to be hauled up to court. If the authority can’t even handle this small potato, don’t even think of explaining to us, the non-Muslims about Hudud. 

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