Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tecoma bloom in Yan, Kedah (江畔独步寻花)

真的春到人间,让我想此杜甫的一首诗 :江畔独步寻花





Thank you very much to Datin Adeline Lim for sharing these beautiful pictures to our New Movement Group Whatsapp. The beautiful tecoma flowers burst from trees near Sungai Limau in Yan, Kedah after an especially harsh dry spell in Malaysia for the past few weeks.  However, the brevity of the one to two week blossom season sometimes make me think of its symbolic reminder that human life is a brief as well.

Nevertheless, the government and the private sector can make good use of such beautiful bloom to start cultivating a new tourism segment in our country. If being done and executed properly, one day it can make it to the list of international fames such as tulips in Holland and sakura in Japan. It is also a long lasting project that will benefit and last for many generations to come.  Beauty awakens the soul to act, according to Dante. Let us all be awaken and start to act. 

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