Sunday, 6 April 2014

My god daughter Isabelle

I have to confess that I do not have much affinity with kids. I felt disturbed when I hear them cry and I am annoyed when I see them throwing tantrum. I get impatient with the antics of some kids bullying their ever doting parents of grandparents. Once while en route from Narita to Singapore, I almost felt like slapping a boy seating behind me for kicking on my seat every few minutes despite me telling the mother off.

One happy family.
Fate has it that I meet Isabelle for the first time last night and I like her instantly. Or I should say our first meeting was when Isabelle was still in her mother’s womb. Then I was supposed to visit her during her first few days into this world but other priorities and busy schedule took over, delaying our meeting for almost a year although I met up with her mom Shanish occasionally. I was supposed to check out the Chinese name for her too but I must say that my Chinese is half a bucket of water that I am afraid of giving out the wrong name so it did not materialize.

Isabelle just refused to look away from the xiao long bao infront of her
Isabelle and I love the same food – Xiao Long Bao from Shanghai Restaurant in JW Marriott Hotel. Last night, she alone took a few. Out of the blue, I asked Shanish if I can be Isabelle’s god mom and she happily agreed but with the condition that I must supply little Isabelle with xiao long bao forever, duh! For a note, Isabelle’s papa, Yit Boon is a chef that specializes in making dim sum and xiao long bao so it I don’t think I will be having any issue with supply. And I’ve never felt so happy holding a baby and Isabelle is the first. Besides that, I didn’t expect I will be good at handling them but I did, making Shanish’s sister, Regine kept making that remark that my motherly instinct is all out – a body language that can’t be hide, though I am not going to budge from my philosophy of not having my own child. 

Instant affinity and liking
Welcome to the family, my lovely little Isabelle.

With Chef Wong, my "godfather"


  1. she is so cute. may god bless everyone with love and happiness

  2. Dear Angel, thank you so much.

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