Wednesday, 9 April 2014

MRT Corp shows its brainless side in relocation of layby in Mutiara Damansara

The construction of the Sungai Buloh – Kajang line of the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) has brought much anguish to residents and businesses that are affected by it. From the planning to the construction of the 51 km line, MRT Corp has been facing multiple protests ranging from poor planning to destruction of buildings deemed of heritage value to land encroachment.
The relationship between MRT Corp, an entity under Ministry of Finance and the rakyat can be summed up as thorny thus making the benefits of such project being covered over by anger and frustration. The way MRT Corp handled it business also showed that nothing can stand in its way despite multiple protests over some brainless plans throughout the whole 51 km that it covered. MRT Corp also act as if it is above the law so it can bulldozed its way in the name of providing better future public transport to the residents of Klang Valley. Resident’s approval and consultation while it is of utmost importance in other countries; it is a naught in Malaysia.
Jalan PJU 7/1
Under these circumstances, the residents of Mutiara Homes in Mutiara Damansara were not consulted and informed of the relocation of a taxi, bus and cars layby from its original location infront of Surian Tower to a tiny plot of land right next to Zone A of Mutiara Homes at Jalan PJU 7/1. It was only revealed to the representatives of the resident association, MUDORA and concerned residents of Mutiara Homes when they approached MRT Corp to get an explanation upon seeing the construction work taking place.  It is also being found out through various sources that MBPJ approval has not been obtained for the taxi and bus layby but MRT Corp is adamant that such a plan is FINAL

Piling work in progress on 9th April 2014.

The layby will be situated on a tiny 150 stretch of Jalan PJU 7/1 between Persiaran Surian junction and Jalan PJU 7/7 junction which serve as the main entrance to Mutiara Homes. It is also important to note that Jalan PJU 7/1 consists of only 4 lanes for two ways traffic while the plot infront of Surian Tower is much wider and more feasible for a layby. With this, we don’t need an expert engineer and traffic consultant to tell us that it is such a brainless plan to have the layby there for various obvious reasons such as:
·     Where are the cars, buses and taxis going to make a U turn back to Persiaran Surian from Jalan PJU 7/1 or vice versa?
·    Can MRT Corp assure us that all the cars, taxis and buses will not double park which will result in terrible traffic jam for cars coming in from Persiaran Surian and vice versa? (Bangsar LRT station is a good example of poor planning resulting in painful traffic conditions for users along Jalan Travers.)
·      Can a tiny stretch of 150 m be long enough to accommodate the number of buses, taxis and cars that are going to stop to fetch passengers even not during peak period?

·      Why should the MRT passengers be made to walk for about 100 m upon getting down from the train to get to the next transport when it can be just right below the station?
With all these in consideration, the residents of Mutiara Homes ARE AGAINST the construction of the layby at Jalan PJU 7/1. We want it to be moved back to its original location infront of Surian Tower. We want a stop work order on Jalan PJU 7/1 that is currently ongoing. Finally, we appeal to our representative, YB Elizabeth Wong and YB R. Sivarasa as well as Barisan Nasional component parties to help us solve this issue.  
The tiny and narrow stretch that of Jalan PJU 7/1
I have been living in Mutiara Damansara for many years and I enjoyed the tree lined streets, the tranquility, beauty and convenience of this neighborhood but of late, it has been a nightmare since the start of the MRT Project. I am sure many residents share the same sentiment with me. Let us work together to fight against the layby, if ever take place, it will permanently make our lovely neighborhood a congestion nightmare.

Original plan for the layby is infront of Surian Tower

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