Friday, 4 April 2014

MAS should cut prices instead of cutting KL-Beijing route by half

It is reported that Malaysia Airlines  has cancelled one out of two daily flights on the Kuala Lumpur – Beijing route effective May 1 presumably due to a drop in demand for flights between China and Malaysia in the wake of the MH370 tragedy. From May 1st onwards, the daily redeye flight with the flight number MH318 departing Kuala Lumpur for Beijing at 12:25 am has been removed from Malaysia Airlines’ online booking engine for departures. However, no explanation has been given by Malaysian Airlines with regards to this cancellation of flight.
In light of the tarnished image and bad perception that Malaysia Airlines is facing in China, it should start building goodwill again among Chinese travellers via roadshows and cheaper flight tickets. As the national flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines owe it to the country to rebuild the bridge between the two countries and can’t just leave it to the ambassadors to mend the fences. It is important that Malaysian Airlines offers heavily discounted tickets between Kuala Lumpur and other destinations that it serve in China for more people to be able to get to see either countries and get to know one another to wash off any negative feelings in the wake of MH 370 incident. Offering steep discount fares is still better than flying empty.
Every Malaysian too, has the responsibility to ensure the continuity of the warm relationship between China and Malaysia, between the Chinese and Malaysian.  Leaving the bitterness and misunderstanding of the MH 370 incident behind us, let’s move forward and Malaysia Airlines can take the lead by having a China Fair and set a target of the number of Malaysians and Chinese that it wish to fly, not only to restore back passengers’ confidence in MAS but to mend back the ties between Malaysians and Chinese. It does us more harm than good to boycott each other as suggested by some idiots out there.

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