Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Interesting! Jail term for selling unripe durian

Durian, the king of fruits so beloved by many
Jail term for selling unripe durian! Aha! This is interesting. We should have this “durian law” in Malaysia because durian is one of our icons representing the country and a fruit so beloved by so many. And we even export frozen durians to China. Or who knows, Perkasa and ISMA have plans to urge the government to list durian as our "national heritage".

It was reported in the Thai Rath newspaper that the provincial court of Rayong sentenced a merchant to 15 days in jail for selling unripe fruit to a customer. The ruling set a precedent in Thailand on April 22 sentenced orchard owner Vimol Srivichai for selling 20 unripe durians for about 2,000 baht (RM200.00).
“The defendant defrauded his customer and in doing so adversely impacted the local economy by undermining people’s good faith in durian sales,” the court said in its verdict. The Ministry of Agriculture has sought cooperation from orchard owners and merchants to refrain from selling unripe durians to maintain public confidence in the fruit, which is generally sold covered in its spiky shell.
More than often, we, the durian lovers in Malaysia are cheated by the unscrupulous sellers too. It is only at home that we found that the durians that we bought are either unripe or half of it not edible because of worms or in a twist, too ripe that its flesh turned watery. Or sometimes, the durians were advertised as the famous “musang king” only to find out at home that it is of other variety.
Therefore, I am in the opinion that our authority should set a law similar to that of Thailand’s that will punish unscrupulous merchants, not only durian merchants but others too if they are caught to be cheating the consumers. The current law is just too lenient that it does not stop the merchants from breaking it. What else, most of the time, they know that they can just get off with some fine or duit kopi.
If Alvivi serve time in jail for posting Halal Bak Kut Teh, then I just can't wait to see who will be next to serve time in jail for selling unripe or not edible durian! What say you guys, Datuk Ibrahim Ali or the man who hit out at President Obama for his "handicapped thinking", Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman?

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