Thursday, 17 April 2014

Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah should migrate from Malaysia

To borrow the famous quote from Malaysia’s Home Minister and other leaders of the Malay right wing groups, if you do not like the system in Malaysia, you should get lost from this country. Migrate to other countries that suit your way of life and the systems that you think suits you best.  
If you so loved a dictatorship, perhaps you should consider writing to Robert Mugabe expressing your interest to live in his country. And if you like the way Taliban interpret and uphold their version of Islam, you should consider joining them in the caves of Afghanistan. Or if you think United States of America is the most democratic country on earth, you should start looking for a migration lawyer to get a Green Card and the list goes on and on. After all, again, to borrow the words of our dear Home Minister, Malaysia is a country that put freedom on its top priority. So, you are free to leave if you choose but please remember, once you leave, you’re not welcome back.

Since he is so unhappy with so many things in Malaysia, he should leave!
Therefore, I would like to urge Malaysia’s illustrious former Court of Appeal Judge, Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah to heed the advice of the Home Minister to leave this country because he can’t live with the systems that have been in practice in Malaysia since the day of Malaysia’s birth – that is to respect the religion of other races despite Islam being the official religion.
In his latest salvo which made him peers with the Taliban when they rule Afghanistan, he stressed that the “huge” statues at a Hindu temple in Batu Caves and Buddhist temple in Penang are an affront to Islam as the religion forbids idolatry and that such sculptures of non-Muslim deities should not be built in the open, but should be placed within an enclosed building instead. He is referring to the 42.7-metre high statue of Lord Murugan and the 30.2-metre high statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy at Kek Lok Si Temple. Well, Mohd Noor Abdullah is just short of saying these statues should be destroyed!
Never mind that the police have been very kind to him for not investigating and charging him under Sedition Act last year when he warned the Chinese of a Malay backlash for purportedly betraying the Barisan Nasional at the May 5 general election.  And not too long ago, he had said that Chinese and Tamil schools should not be allowed in Malaysia.
Oh well, looks like the system that has been in place in Malaysia irks Datuk Mohd Noor Abdullah to the bone. He just doesn’t like it and can’t seem to be able to live with it. Unfortunately, what that irks him are all enshrined in Malaysia’s constitution and it is actually hard for it to be changed to suit him and his likeminded ultra-Malays friends. The easier way out is for him to migrate. Choose a country where he finds that their systems work in tandem with his belief. I am sure he will not find it hard to get one and with his talent as former judge, I am again very sure his new host to be will welcome him with open arms. 

Any sane Malaysian and all of us who treasure our good ties with our friends from other races will be very happy to see him leave. Malaysia has no place for bigots like Mohd Noor Abdullah and his like-minded friends. The earlier it is for people like him migrate to other country, the faster it is for race relations in Malaysia to heal, instead of its near chaotic stage now. So, Datuk, do let us know when you are leaving, especially me. I will sure give you a grand send off at the airport or any port if you choose to leave by sea or by land. It is not because I like you but it is because I just can't wait for people like you to leave my beloved Malaysia. 

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