Friday, 28 March 2014

So, Malaysian government works on “ass ‘u’ n ‘me’” - assume?

Throughout the whole MH 370 tragedy, nothing boils me more than the remark by Malaysia’s Deputy Defense Minister in Parliament that he assumed that the plane made a turn back upon instruction from control tower in a lousy attempt to cover up for the RMAF on why it did not intercept the plane when detected on military radar.
Therefore, can we now assume that everything in Malaysia, even matters of vital importance such as defense, foreign affairs, education and finance works on the basis of “I assume” by the very people sitting on top?
Can I assume that the Prime Minister is working on assumption based on data collected that MH 370 meets its end at Southern Indian Ocean without even debris being verified to date? Why can’t the Prime Minister make his announcement after at least something tangible have been retrieved or can I assume that he is worried the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot or Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will steal the limelight from him?  
Can I assume that the Prime Minister assume that the family members will be fine with his announcement that doesn’t make much difference whether he made it or not? Can I assume too that Najib is receiving a gag order from someone from taking answers from reporters about MH370, thus his job is now to be a newsreader when an international crisis is at full blown. I believe that if this is going to happen in China, even the usually reclusive Chinese Premier will be taking questions from the media.
Can I assume too that MAS officials assume it will be fine to send a SMS with lousily drafted English and Mandarin to family members? Can I assume that MAS officials assume that family members will soon forgive and forget their incompetencies and start to have faith to fly MAS again? Can I assume that MAS CEO has forgotten that he will give details on the 4 standby passengers that board the plane, which he promised will be given the very next day after his press conference? Or he assumes that we all have forgotten on his promise?  Can I assume that he purposely hide the content of the cargo when asked by the reporters? So, from tonnes of mangosteens to lithium batteries, can I assume there are more than those mentioned?
It is also precisely this “I assume” and “tidak apa” attitude that is making the Chinese in Beijing going amok and family members from all over the world crazy. From the beginning of the incident till now, the perception given to the world is that everything is working on “I assume”, otherwise the search for the plane would not have started at South China Sea for days before moving to South Indian Ocean. Can I now assume too that it won’t be long that the search party will move to Antarctica? Even the truth is that Malaysia and MAS never hide anything; people will forever assume that there is a hidden truth.
Well known Malaysian business tycoon, Datuk Tan Chin Nam, in his book Never Say I Assume, published in 1996 by MPH Publishing wrote that: Never say I assume. You make an “ass” out of “u” and “me” with assume. Perhaps, the Prime Minister should take a cue from Uncle Chin Nam’s advice. I am sure Datuk Tan Chin Nam, a close friend of Tun Razak will not mind to give Najib his two cents worth.
There are 1001 “I assume” lists that one can make out of the people responsible in governing Malaysia and the incidents that happened, including can I assume that the intruders at Lahat Datu were at first assumed to be tourists visiting Malaysia?
If this mentality alongside with the “couldn’t be bothered” attitude does not change, it will forever be “ass u and me” and tidak apa lah…..

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