Monday, 24 March 2014

劳劳亭 (Pavilion of Labour)

劳劳亭    李白者





献给在MH370上乘客及工作人员的家人和朋友。 这首李白的诗意思表达了送别的痛苦。可是他也借此联想出第三和四句来表达春风也知道说送别苦,不肯让柳树发出嫩枝, 也就是不想让离别发生。

The above poem, Lao Lao Pavilion is by the famous Tang Dynasty Poet, Li Bai about separation. In this poem’s third and fourth line, he wrote that the wind that blows during spring knew that separation is a very painful thing and it too, doesn’t want to see separation take place.
This poem is in dedication to the family members and friends of those on board MH 370. May their soul rest in peace. 

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