Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My respect for you sir, Tuan IGP

While the whole nation continue their pray for the passengers and crew of MH 370, the navy continue to comb through the waters of South China Sea and now the Straits of Melaka and families members plus fellow Malaysians waiting with much anguish, many people are still sleeping in their job and having denial dream.
If you read through all the news for the past few days and follow all press conferences held by the officers, the word “deny” or “denied” or its substitute can be calculated as one of the most mentioned word since Saturday. This syndrome of denial is only adding more fuel to the speculations with regards to the missing plane and making Malaysia looks as if we are a pariah country unable to manage a crisis.
However, despite all these, there is one person that I would like to salute and he is the Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar. He is the only person from the authority so far, that have not contradicted his own statement even though his statement raise more suspicion on the missing plane.
I like his way of being upfront when he said that: “Nobody who booked the flight did not board the plane... there was only one girl who called to cancel her booking because she mixed up the date”. Yet when it was pointed out that this was a contradiction to the information released by the DCA, he replied: "You take it from me, there was no such thing.”
I just hope that we have more officers up there that can be like Tan Sri Khalid - straight to the point. No more dilly dallying here and there, no more now you see, now you don’t kind of statement, no more Asian, African and finally Iranian twist, no more making Malaysian looks like a group of clowns on international stage. It is time to wake up from slumber and denial syndrome. And all these will reduce the anger and anguish of the family members and fellow Malaysians. 

P/S: Latest update as of 9pm, March 12th, MAS CEO said four standby passengers replace the four scheduled. According to The Star, Boeing 777-200 by MAS has 247 seats for Economy Class and 35 seats for Business Class. With only 227 passengers including the unlucky four, can the flight be full? Why do they need to be on standby?

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