Saturday, 8 March 2014

MH 370 disappearance: Name list of passengers provides the missing link

I was wondering where Malaysian Airlines will fly the next of kin of the passengers from MH 370 bound for Beijing that was reportedly missing since 2.40 am on March 8th whom was asked to assembly at KLIA before being flown to an undisclosed location. Why they need to be so secretive? Then I thought of a well-placed friend of mine and without hesitation, I gave him a call.  As always, he won’t disappoint me.
Friend: Ah! I am so glad you are not on that flight.
Me: So, you, being the expert, tell me, what happened?
Friend: You can rule out bad weather and technical problem. Check out the name list of the passengers and you’ll get the missing link.
Me: Names? For sure I am not looking at all the Chens, the Lis, the Wangs……
Friend: Separatist movement. The whole plane just goes into oblivion. 

Me: Shot down?

Friend: No comment on that.  
After hanging up the phone, I went through the name list provided but I can’t find any clue but with two Ukrainian on board, could the link comes from there? Or could be it related to Xinjiang? I am always bad at making a guess and at performing investigative tasks but I just hope that all the 239 passengers and 12 crews are safe and sound.

This blog was written at about 5pm local time. 

P/S: It is confirmed in the news and by the authority that two passengers board the flight with stolen passport, one Austrian and one Italian. Will there be more people coming out to claim that they are not on board ? (11.15pm)

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