Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Fatehah (PBS 61571) – A Rude security officer at KL LCC Terminal

I have often heard of complains regarding rude and hostile security officers at our airports but I have not personally encountered one until last Tuesday when I was going through the security check and baggage scan before boarding my flight to China at about 5.15 am.

Prior to this, I’d always have my respect for these officers who have to work around the shift, scanning all hand carry luggage diligently to ensure the safety of all passengers. My rude awakening came that morning when a young lady officer by the name of Fatehah with the tag number of PBS 61571 shouted at me loudly just because I walked a few steps away while drinking my water.

Earlier on I’d left a half empty bottle in my hand carry luggage which I’d completely forgotten. Upon the scan, I took out the water, rescan my luggage and walked a few steps away to finish up the bottle. As there are more passengers piling up behind, I decided to walk a few steps further. However, this rude officer who behaved as if she does not want her job anymore, shouted loudly at me with her snobbish authoritative facial emotion, almost to the point of yelling “Oooi, you tak tahu kah air tak dibenarkan”(Oooi, don’t you know water is not allowed).

She was making me felt like I’m either a deft person or a moron who do not understand the rules. Besides, she can call me Miss or Madam instead of calling “Oooi” which is so unacceptable.  She could have said to me in a nice tone that liquids are not allowed beyond that point but she choose to shout. What impression will tourists have of our country if she or he is being shouted at and being called out rudely?

Dissatisfied with being shouted at, I finished up my water and walked to her telling her that she don’t have to shout at me and she can tell me nicely. Before I could even finish my sentence, she yelled again in Bahasa Malaysia “kalau nak complain, pergi, pergi, ambil name, ambil nombor, ambil semua…pergi complain!” (If you want to make a complain, go ahead, take my name, my tag number, take whatever you like and get lost to lodge your complain!)

Fed up with her rude and hostile attitude, I took her name, her tag number and left. There is no point to be involved in an argument with someone who does not take her job seriously or thinking that it is her father’s company that employs her. It is unfortunately that taking photos are prohibited at her working area otherwise I would have taken her picture. I did not have her full name too as I just took her name from her name tag – FATEHAH.  

I have lodged a complaint with the authority regarding this officer as her attitude is totally unacceptable and that she should be send back to training school on how to be polite to others, especially when she is on duty. I believe I am not the first one that she shouted at. Regardless of what, she should not have shouted at anyone. With officers like her working at our airports, it is just going to tarnish the good reputation of Malaysians for we are well known to be warm and hospitable to everyone.  

If you encounter rude officers with untoward behavior be at airports, whichever government agencies or anywhere, you deserve the right to get their name and tag number for you to lodge a report, you don’t have to be afraid of them just because they are in uniform. Always remember that we, the taxpayers pay for their salary and we don’t deserve any crap from them. Apart from that, we expect friendly, good service and helpful assistance from them, nothing less. 

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