Friday, 3 January 2014

Vicissitudes of life

Like flowers that go through different seasons, life is equally the same.

I would like to start the first blog of 2014 by sharing this beautiful poem by Kelsey Wong – Vicissitudes, for reflections of 2013 for it was a year that was full of high ups and lowly downs for most of us, and let us use the vicissitudes in life to our great advantage. 

Daily life may seems mundane, trivial and routine, but if we sum it up after a full year, in fact it contains a multitude of incidents, at once rich, expansive and touching. Politics, history, society, culture, inter-faith, one memories and emotions, desires and secrets - all reverberate there. Daily life is a veritable forest and we can see and feel its vicissitudes with each passing year. 

Vicissitudes by Kelsey Wong 

A year ago,
Life was spinning at a dizzying height,
A swirl, twirl, whirl – unfurling of events all hurled at the girl
Everything was pulsating attention;
each imperatively adamant that they be paid homage
Crises galore, challenges ashore Spread out on a silver platter of a buffet;
“Pick me,” screamed each.
“Me first!” they clamoured
But she knew they’d all have to be waitressed.
Pointless contemplations would only squander away her meagre denominations of time.
“It’s of the essence,” said Mind to Body.
“Be frugal and get to work.”
So off she went churning solutions, and immersed herself in the euphoria of a purposeful existence.

A year ago,
While Mind was busy losing itself in newfound reign over the flurry of engagements.
Young Heart was left to wander unchaperoned and unguarded.
No stern reprimand, no forewarnings of dangers that lay ahead Reckless Heart,
who didn’t know any better.
A greenhorn yet to learn the ways of the world,
Went exploring and discovered newfangled joys of filling the once empty vault.
Allowed visitors in;
welcomed them with a naïve hospitability and vigour.
Till there were one too many guests and Heart could barely cope.
Poor unguided Heart,
left vulnerable and burning with curiosity.
Didn’t see wrong in compromising loyalty.
Surely every child is innately greedy
And likewise Heart, who hadn’t been taught properly.

A year ago,
Heart triggered a system malfunction.
Sent a single flutter and caused much of a racket through a confused Body.
The crossing and uncrossing of legs uncertain.
Folding and unfolding of jittery hands,
Surreptitious glances of darting eyes,
And butterflies dancing in tummies,
Defying Mind’s principles,
The blame it could not take For Mind’s integrity was as large as it was foreign a concept to grapple.

A year ago,
Mind realised its oversight and hurried to check on Heart Remorse;
and anguish flooded it for the damage had been done,
And what a baffling predicament it was.
For it was well beyond Mind’s comprehension and control,
So Mind stood aside; feeling helpless in this stance.
Relented and lent a shoulder to Heart.
Vowing silently never to leave Heart unattended again

A year ago,
Heart was a marionette of Mind no more;
It wielded a cornucopia of strength and power all by itself.
Discovered unknown reserves and depths it never knew existed.
And fought its debutante battle.

A year ago,
Weary Heart triumphed;
doused the damage Proving to Mind its mettle Bearing trophy scars,
it attested itself worthy of bigger things to come And Mind,
who’d always been the protective one,
Silently conceded as it became the student for once and Heart, the teacher

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