Monday, 20 January 2014

"The Wolf of Wall Street" is banned but ......

Officially, “The Wolf of Wall Street” joined the list of many other films that is officially banned in Malaysia even though it is produced by the company that is co-owned by Riza Aziz, the stepson of our Prime Minister which means Malaysians can’t watch it in the cinemas or buy the original version of the film in the form of legal DVD.

My two books by Belfort. 

But being in this land of Endless Possibilities, the pirated DVD of that film is available at outlets selling pirated DVDs since beginning of last week. Aha…and the plus point is, it is the crisp clear version without censor – the drugs, the four letter words and sex. Lots, lots of them! The film has a record 569 F-word !

Besides, one can also download the film from the many sites over the net allow you to download any movie for free, the famous one being Therefore, those who are keen to watch this much talked about film be it is success at Box Office or the political part of it because you know the son of who and who that is behind it do not need to search high and low to watch this interesting movie that starred Leonardo DiCaprio.
It is based on the true account of Jordon Belfort and adopted from his two books that was published in 2007 and 2009 respectively - The Wolf of Wall Street and Catching the Wolf of Wall Street. And if one still want to watch it on silver screen, cinemas in Singapore are screening this movie now but it is rated R21 – suitable for adults aged 21 and above.
Perhaps, it is also time for our archaic Censorship Department to undergo a total revamp to catch up with the reality of high speed internet and flatter world. It is in god-speed need to relook at its standard of operation and the way a film is being edited. More than often, we heard movie goers lament about the “good job” of the Censorship Department in creating a new film out of the original with all the cuts that are more than necessary. A new category should also be introduced for certain films, in the example of R21 in Singapore for “The Wolf of Wall Street”.  
In most instances, when a film is being banned, you and I and probably except the authority know that we can easily get hold of the pirated DVDs. You and I also know that banning a film is a loss of revenue via direct and indirect taxation to the government except, again the authority itself.


  1. I have read both these books. Mind boggling the way he survived all those drugs intake. Good read. Like this sentence at the beginning of the novel : you are lower than the pond scum...and I had to finish reading both books.

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