Saturday, 25 January 2014

The right pu erh tea to invest

Just did my annual tea shopping for my own consumption, investment as well as Chinese New Year gift for friends. Was told by the trusted tea shop owner that the price of a particular tea will triple after Chinese New Year, and it is the right time to invest in some now. This honest owner has been giving me tips about which tea that its price will soar for the past few years and thus far he is right, helping me to make some money to cover my teapots and tea buying spree.
2006 Da Yi batch number 8582
This year he recommended the 2006 green pu erh from the Da Yi (大益七子饼茶) production batch number 8582. The market rate currently is running at about RM 300 per piece.
2004 Da Yi batch number 7542
Last year he recommended the tea, also from Da Yi, a 2004 tea with production batch number 7542 for RM 180 per piece which I bought some for investment. By mid-year, he called to ask if I want to sell some for RM 480 which I did and from the profit, I bought a purple clay teapot by Master Shao Liping ( 邵立平), a well-known master in Yixing, China who is the direct descendent of the legendary Master Shao Daheng (邵大亨). Since Shao Daheng, the family has been making purple clay teapots for 6 generations.

Serious investors and tea connoisseurs are well aware that the tea produced by Da Yi command the best price in the market because of its quality and great taste. Friends who are interested in the 2006 Da Yi batch number 8582 can email me for more details.

With the famous purple clay teapot makers in Yixing. Master Shao is second from the left. 

P/S: Knowledge of the batch number is also important if one is serious about collecting and investing in a good pu erh. 

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