Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Baron @ Grandpa’s house

Initially, my spoilt rotten precious cat, Baron was chauffeured to my parent’s house for some short stay whenever I am travelling but that short stay has now became permanent stay because of my parent’s reluctance to let him return to KL as he was such a darling to both of them. Not a day passed without some funny antics from Baron that will send much laughter to his grandparents and their visitors. Here are some snapshots of him at grandpa's house: 

Baron's favourite spot to have a bird eye view of the living and dining room. It is also a spot that he will retreat to whenever there are visitors. Once he was caught trying to scratch the wall paper here and almost receive a spank from grandma. 

I'll be right here waiting for you......Baron will always be near to grandpa, beside him whether grandpa is watching movie, reading the papers or sometimes, even attempted to go into the shower with grandpa. 

It is a love hate relationship between Baron and our dog, Boy. It has been made know to them and both agreed that Boy can never step into the house and Baron can never step out of the house. On good days, they will just stare at one another through the few glass doors and long windows at grandpa's house. But there are some days when boy will bark at the sight of Baron and he will know how to run to grandpa or grandma for SOS. Poor Boy, he will get scolded for barking and a reprimand not to bark again at the peril of cane. 

Mealtime, only when the food is freshly out from the container. Otherwise he will rather go hungry. When he is hungry before his normal feeding hour, he will know how to seek the attention of grandma or the maid, lead them to his feeding place and look at them with the eyes that tell you "I am hungry! I want my food now." 

Listening with full attention to grandma chatting on the phone. Eavesdrop grandpa and grandma's conversation is his favorite pastime. Occasionally, grandma will ask him in Hokkien "Baron, how you know what are we talking about?" or grandpa calling him busybody! Duh!! 

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