Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Ah Beng: Mission Impossible (阿炳马到功成)

I’ve just watched Ah Beng: Mission Impossible with my parents in the cinema starred by Jack Lim and MY FM deejays as well as some personalities from ASTRO. It is also interesting to note that Namewee made a brief appearance on this movie. To his credit, Namewee has matured a lot and his last movie, Hantu Gangster is a far cry from his previous ones.
This is the 5th year in a row that my family and I support Jack Lim’s movie, starting from its very first Wohoo which I think is still the best of all, despite last year’s disappointing Once Upon A Time and some not so good reviews of Ah Beng: Mission Impossible, .
There are calls from certain unreasonable quarter that was widely circulated on Facebook asking movie goers to boycott the movie because Jack Lim is related to the late Tun Dr. Lim Keng Yaik, the former President of Gerakan, which I think is very unfair to Jack Lim and other actor and actresses in that movie. In return, we should praise Jack for working his way up for being what he is today without lending on the clout of his late uncle.  Let's be rational, we don't boycott a movie just because its leading actor is related to a former Minister and Barisan Nasional!
Comparatively, this movie is a much better one in terms of its story line and film making techniques than Tanda Putera. Kudos should be given to Jack and his team for their productions that are made without financial assistance from the government. Suhaimi Baba was given a huge government grant and other assistance but produced a blunder.
Part comedy, part educational, Ah Beng: Mission Impossible instill the value of honesty, friendship and the importance of family members and it serve as a good reminder to all of us, especially during this holiday season to spend some time to catch up with our friends and relatives, many of whom we have not meet for years.      

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