Wednesday, 8 January 2014

2014 Chinese New Year Couplet(甲午年春联)

The front door of Mental Cultivation Studio

Since time immemorial, couplets written in elegant Chinese brush ink on red paper has been the tradition for families to be pasted on their wall or main door before Chinese New Year. As the saying goes, the couplets are powerful words that symbolize the wishes of the owner for a great and prosperous year ahead. These couplets will only be taken down at the end of the year on a chosen date according to the “Tong Shu” to be replaced with new ones.

For the side door.
Following tradition, each year before Chinese New Year, I’ll usually have couplets written with the best calligraphy that I could muster, usually after much practicing to be pasted on my front door and a new addition this year, my side door. According to the flying star feng shui for 2014, it would be advisable for me to use my side door for the whole year to tap into the good energy of that direction.

Last year, I’ve written 喜看江山如画,展望前程似锦 with its meanings explained here. For this year, my wish is to see that my motherland becomes strong, powerful and prosperous and that every household gets the benefit of it. Therefore, I’ve written 祖国富强一统天,春满乾坤福满门. My another wish is for peace on all corners of the globe, so I wrote 九州一统,八方共和。I hope that my wishes will come true and that every household in this country will see a better year despite the current flows of bad news regarding inflation and belt tightening.

P/S: Special thanks to Cheng Hock for helping me to paste them on the doors on the auspicious day and time as I am away tending to work.

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