Monday, 30 December 2013

Karma is there, up to one to believe

A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed - Henrik Ibsen. 

As we all prepare to wind up the 2013 which was dubbed the “election year” and swearing over inflation year of 2014, a few incidents in a row that happened to two ex-colleagues plus some other incidents that happened to others made me can’t help but to think of the existence of karma.
Not too long ago, I was asked in the blog if I do believe in karma and my reply was, yes, I do. Karma does not only restrict to Buddhism but it is in all other religions as well. Were we often told or reminded of “do not do unto others what you do not want others to do to you” and others that are equivalent to it but I would like to add that, sometimes, misfortune may not necessary happen to the person who did the evil job but can land on someone close to him/her.
In Buddhism, there are also karma which one carries from the previous life and lots of other karmas which I am not going to describe further because that will take forever to understand and write. I’ll leave it to theologians who are expert in this field to describe it further. Besides, karma also involved being blessed and the rewards by doing good deeds. It works like a bank account, for every bad thing that one does, a credit is deducted and when it hit bottom, one has to pay the penalty. So goes when good deeds are done, the deposits kept increasing and one reaps the benefits of the interests.
Back to my two ex-colleagues, only they themselves knew what they’ve done to others for they are now feeling the pain of other innocent colleagues that were their victims. For most of us, I guess the common sight of karma at work is that we get to see how one treat their parents and parents-in law and how their own children and children(s)-in law repeat it back to them; déjà vu.  For me, another common thing that I often see, due my involvement in politics, is how politicians so used to lies and betrayal themselves ended up being betrayed and lied upon.
Another common occurrence among us is that sometimes we will be in awe and wonder how come this and that person can be so blessed with this and that. Well, perhaps next time we should ask them, besides hard work to achieve what they achieved, what other good deeds that they do? For sour grapes, instead of envying others for their success, it is time to change one’s attitude because envying others is said to be adding on to one’s bad karma.
Back in 2006, I was given a CD by my close friend Denise titled “The 4 stories of Liao Fan” (了凡四训). It talks in length about a Mr Yuan of Ming Dynasty, his destiny and how he changed his course of life through good deeds. It is my favourite CD and a constant reminder that karma and fate are intertwined and it is never too late to start doing good deeds. 

Ibsen is right that a thousand words will not leave an impression as deep as a deed whether good or bad. In the end, problems or successes, they are all the results of our own actions - karma. 

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