Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Daylight robbery by cabbies at Hentian Duta

Taken at Hentian Duta at 5pm on 2nd Dec.

Impressed with the efficiency of the service provided by Transnasional, I am now a frequent user of the service provided by this bus company to travel back and fro Teluk Intan. This afternoon, after the having settled down with moving into our new family house, I took a 2 pm bus back to Kuala Lumpur. The bus reached Hentian Duta at 4.45 and it was raining.
As I wasn’t sure of the timing that I will be arriving in KL, I didn’t ask for Azman to wait for me at Hentian Duta to fetch me home, besides knowing that I will be able to hail a cab without much hassle. Just like KL Sentral, Pudu Sentral, Terminal Bersepadu Selatan and KLIA, there is a surcharge to hail a cab from Hentian Duta. One will need to purchase the “ticket” at the designated counter for a fixed price according to destination before boarding the cab and the pricing of it is about 50-75% more than the usual fare of a metered taxi.
Today, as I approached the counter, the lady working there told me “Tak ada teksi (No Taxi)” but I can see about 7 taxis parked there with their drivers sitting at the store nearby having their drinks. I asked how long do I need to wait but the lady replied that it depends on the rain. The rain, okay! This means that the drivers are not going to drive because it is raining and traffic is bad. While I was calling Azman to come to fetch me, a driver approached and shouted “IKEA….Siapa nak pergi IKEA”.
Immediately I told him I am going to Mutiara Damansara and I’ll buy the ticket from the counter. He told me I don’t have to and motioned me to get into his cab while mumbling that it is raining, the traffic is heavy and I will have to pay extra. I ended up paying double the usual rate. I knew I have to pay or I do not know for how long more I will have to wait before a cab is going to take me home.
Daylight robbery by cab drivers during peak hours, during raining hours and during whatever special days is not something new. The matter has been raised for so many times but why there aren’t any affirmative action taken by the government? While we are aware of the plight of the taxi drivers, consumers’ plight should be taken into consideration too. Rain and traffic jam should not be an excuse for cabbies to conduct daylight robbery.

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