Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tea drinking and feng shui

My tea tray with assorted decoratives.

Since the publication of “Tea Drinking can Unlock and Grow Abundance of Your Home” written by Lilian Too in the Feng Shui World magazine for its Nov/Dec 2013 edition, I have been getting a lot of questions by friends and strangers that I met at the tea shop and during private drinking session. Knowing that I do study Chinese Metaphysics, everyone is very curious about tea drinking’s association with feng shui.

The most commonly asked questions are:
1)      Is it true that the ritual of preparing tea can have a hidden impact on your good fortune as tea released propitious energy into your home?
2)      Is it true that pouring freshly brewed tea into figurines representing auspicious creatures made by purple clay that we used to decorate our tea tray will unlock inner auspiciousness?
3)      Is it true that pouring enough water into your teapot for it to overflow is an auspicious sign?

Well, I have to admit I do not have answer for all these questions. I have checked with some practitioners as well as feng shui books but I find no part of it that associates feng shui with tea drinking. Jokingly I told those with questions that they should seek the answer from Grand Master Lilian Too, with due respect since she is the one writing the article or the best way to know if it is true or not is to try it out. Nothing beats the experience of trying it and experimenting something.

However, all that I know is that one is indeed fortunate enough to drink some age old pu erh or Wu Yi Mountain Rock Tea as they are much more costlier than gold. Secondly, one indeed will absorb the positive energy of particular corners of one’s house if one is spending considerable amount of time at the corner regardless of drinking tea or reading a book or just playing Candy Crush.

Thirdly, I am not the type that has the habit of over pouring the water from my teapot because it can make the tea tray messy, especially if one is drinking pu erh. Finally, I do pour hot water and left over tea over some objects made of purple clay that I used to decorate my tea tray but I never believe that trinkets can assist in bringing good feng shui. To me, they are just decorative items.

Therefore, my personal conclusion is that tea drinking has nothing to do with feng shui and auspicious objects are mere decorative items, they won’t bring any prosperity no matter how many times you pour hot water into them. 
Part of my collection of objects made from purple clay.

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