Monday, 18 November 2013

Open letter to Professor Mark Beeson of Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

Dear Prof. Beeson,

With due respect, I would like to bring to attention your comment to AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE (AFP) with regards to China’s initial humanitarian aids to Philippines post typhoon Haiyan amounting to US$ 100,000 which was later increased to US$ 1.8 mil.
First of all, you failed to understand that the Chinese, whether they are mainland Chinese or overseas Chinese, are the generous lot when it comes to helping others. To the Chinese, it is always the sincerity that counts rather than the amount in cash or goods given.
Secondly, you’ve also failed to understand the pragmatism in the Chinese that help may not necessarily be only once but they can actually be increased from time to time depending on the situation. This pragmatism also enable the Chinese to differentiate between humanitarian effort with border disputes. 
Thirdly, you need to understand too, that, it is in the Chinese culture that we do not like to blow the trumpet when we help someone. Most of the time, a Chinese donor would prefer to remain anonymous. There may be more help that neither you nor I know. Therefore, it is preposterous to comment that the Chinese are a bit stingy.
Based on the three points given above, it is with deep regret that you failed to understand the Chinese mind and culture before giving your comments that the Chinese government “can be viewed as quite stingy as compared to everybody else” and to link China’s aid with the test of test of humanitarian principles and foreign-policy-making.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Jadryn Loo

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