Thursday, 28 November 2013

Advocating MCA’s reform to regain MCA’s glory. New Movement fully support YB Dr. Leong Yong Kong to contest for Vice President.

New Movement team members presenting a calligraphy scroll YB Dr. Leong wishing him success.

Today, MCA’s New Movement has with us YB Dr. Leong Yong Kong, the ADUN of Gurun, Kedah, who agree with us the need for MCA Change and party’s reform to contest for the position of MCA’s Vice President.
New Movement fully agrees with the idea of YB Dr. Leong Yong Kong in contesting this position to:
1.            Change MCA based on political discourse
2.            Political pledge should be used as the main aim for contesting in the party election
We, as the grassroots members of MCA are worried and anxious about MCA’s future due to intense fight between factions in the party. We also felt that members of the public are tired of this type of politicking in the party.
We hope that members of the public, party members and central delegates will support us and candidates that contest in this party election based on the ideas of political discourse and political pledge rather than personal pledge.
Finally, we would like to assure members of the public and party members that despite factional fighting in the party, we are committed to reforming the party for the future of the party, the well-being of members of the public and towards a better nation.   

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