Saturday, 5 October 2013

The right pairing of pots and cups for different Chinese tea

Ever wonder why the tea that we brew at home taste differently from what we sampled when we bought a particular tea from the shop? Ever drank a tea that is completely tasteless or stale? Brewing tea the right way is not as simple as what we normally thought so or what we see in restaurants.

Unbeknownst to many, the right pairing of pots and cups with the many types of Chinese tea is a very important step in bringing out the right taste and aroma of a tea besides the right water temperature. Some tea, especially the aged pu erhs and Wuyi Mountain tea may need boiling hot water while the right water temperature for Longjing is 80 degree. It is also the rule of thumb not to soak the tea for it to remain smooth to drink. Always prepare two pots of the roughly the same size and thickness.

Doing it the wrong way will just waste the tea leaves which can be very expensive depending on their age and quality. Hereby are some pictures from my collection with regards to the right teapots and cups to use for different types of Chinese tea:

Huge and thick porcelain pot and cups for flower tea such as chrysanthemum. 

Small and thin pots and cups for Wuyi Mountain tea and other Oolong tea. The smaller the better. 

Thin porcelain teacup pot like this is most suitable for Longjing tea.  

Small and aged teapot with a thick, small and narrow opening cup brings the best out of aged pu erh and liu bao.

Other cups that are suitable for pu erh,  liu bao and flower tea depending on one's preference.  

Except for the various type of tea mentioned above, different pots of various sizes can also be used, depending on the number of drinkers in each session. 

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