Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New Movement's urge to newly appointed government officials from MCA

New Movement members.

As a result from the just concluded MCA Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), the reform of the party should be back as the main agenda of the coming party election and one of the main core points in the reform should be the direction of the political principle and services of MCA’s newly appointed government officials.

The passing of the two resolutions tabled in the EGM will enable MCA members to take up the positions of state EXCO members, municipal and district councilors, village head and others and to resume services to the members of the public via positions in the government. With this new development, New movement would like to urge MCA leadership to adopt the suggestions put forward by New Movement in “ MCA POLITICAL REFORM SUGGESTIONS” to select a quality candidate who has Rakyat support:

1. A bureau, hereby referred to as “Candidates Bureau” must be set up by the party headquarters to handle matters related to the candidate selection process.

2. Candidates for the position of the position of village head, District, Municipal or City Councils or other local councils should at gather the support and obtain 300 signatures from party members and the rakyat of that particular village or division and be submitted to the Candidates Bureau before she/he can be selected to represent the party and be appointed for the position(s) mentioned above.

 New Movement would like to urge these newly appointed officials to fulfill the objective of:

1)       Turning the complaints from the people into actions that lead to changes in government policies.

2)       Serve the people based on the concept of civic rights as the main political principle.

We hope that all the newly appointed government officials from MCA will play a major role in making changes to the outdated policies to suit the current needs of the people and at the same time giving their best service to the people.

Although MCA is a pure Chinese based political party, but from the past experiences of our service centers, we are serving the people regardless of race and religion. Despite that, MCA still fights for the benefit and rights of the Chinese community with the MCA’s C for Chinese but with the change of today’s political and social landscape, the C should be changed to Civic.

However, the change from “Chinese” to “Civic” political principle will be very difficult because MCA members are still using the problems of the Chinese community as the main political principle but the implementation of civic rights political principle will make MCA walk away from its identity as a single ethnic political party and bring benefits to the party. Therefore we hope that MCA leaders will look at social problems and policy making from the perspective of civic rights to serve the needs of the changed political and social landscape in this country.

The change in this political principle is also a signal to MCA members on the need to respond to civic issues and seek strategic cooperation with other races to create solidarity and mutual benefits for all Malaysians and a Better Nation.

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