Saturday, 7 September 2013

Up close and personal with a gangster, the BBC interview

Ah Hing, at Old China Cafe. I was there to translate his interview.

In 2005, upon the request from Jonathan Kent from BBC, who is my personal friend, I helped to arrange an interview with a triad society member in Kuala Lumpur. When the interview was published by BBC, it created brouhaha in the Malaysian press with the police and our politicians denying that triads exists in Malaysia and that Jonathan’s article was aimed at tarnishing the image of Malaysia.
Jonathan and his wife Carol has since moved back to UK with their son while Ah Hing, the “taiko” and I lost touch for many years since. The last I heard is that Ah Hing has settled down too with a family and despite all that he did, he is a very filial son to his mother. In that article, the Jesse Lau from MCA, a pseudonym that Jonathan used is actually me. My neighbor in Auckland, the former triad society big brother from the famous 24K gang in Hong Kong has passed away too.
Fast forward today, I read with amusement The Star’s interview with a few gangsters which was published yesterday. And this time around, nobody is to deny that triad society exists in Malaysia and they are much more venomous than what was described by Ah Hing.

Johathan's article:

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