Thursday, 12 September 2013

Look for Restoran Luen Fong in Tg Tualang

How this quaint little town became the destination for freshwater prawns is little known but as far as I can remember, when I was growing up in the 80s, my grandfather would always love to drive me and my grandmother to this place for seafood treat on most weekends en route to or from Ipoh.

Nestled between Batu Gajah, Kampar and Kampung Gajah in the center of Kinta Valley, Tanjung Tualang, which was a byproduct of the zenith of the tin mining days, boasts of having 15 seafood restaurants, which specializes in freshwater prawns and they operates from noon till late night. An interesting thing to note in this town is the standard way the restaurant operators decorate their premise - tanks containing freshwater prawns and fishes at the entrance and photos of celebrities and VIPs on the walls.
The main street of Tg Tualang
Having to choose which among the 15 is the most delicious can be quite a challenge for outsiders. However, locals would point to Luen Fong as the best among equals. Personally, I’ve tasted a few and indeed, Luen Fong’s the best. Most important of all, it never fails in its consistency of deliciousness and at a very reasonable price.

Enjoying our plate of prawns, with Kar Lyn. 


1. Dry fried freshwater prawns
2. Steam freshwater prawns with white rice wine
3. Steam "soon hock" fish or Ikan Hantu in Malay
4. Oyster omelette
5. Cuttlefish in satay sauce
6. Steam tofu with mince meat topping
7. Stir fried frog with ginger and spring onion
8. "Kam heong" crab

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