Friday, 2 August 2013

Proposals for MCA Change

1.      Empowering members, regaining public’s support
2.      Deepening of democratic participation mechanisms

Election Mechanism for office bearers
1.      The President of the party will be elected by all MCA members.
2.      The Deputy President, Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Treasurer and National Organizing Secretary will be elected by delegates from the Division level.
3.       Proposal to change of the name of State Liaison Committee to State Committee. The office bearers of the State Committee will be elected by the delegates from the Division level.
4.      The elected State Chairman and Deputy Chairman will automatically be appointed as a member of the Party’s Central Committee.
5.      Only lifelong members with membership tenure of at least 1 year will be qualified to take part in this election exercise.
6.      All elections mentioned above must be held at the Party’s Division office nationwide.
7.      The candidate who gathers the most votes wins the election.

Criteria requirement for a candidate contesting the post of party President
1.      The candidate must obtain at least 0.5% of signatures from the total number of registered MCA members and these signatures must be from members from three different states.

Proposals for member’s re- registration exercise
Urge all members who’ve lost contact with MCA, who agree with MCA’s political ideology to re-register as MCA members.
1.      All MCA Divisions nationwide will be the center point for this member’s re-registration exercise.  This exercise must be conducted in between six months of the announcement of this exercise.
2.      All MCA Branches nationwide will be responsible to search for members to re-register.
3.      Details of existing members must be made available online.
4.      New members must be verified via Identification Card and SPR records
5.      Propose to abolish normal membership for all members to be replaced with lifelong membership.

Reform of MCA Branches
The expansion of new branches must be under control. Each branch must have at least 200 members. Branches that do not meet the requirement of 200 members must merge with other branch(s) to make up the number.

Other suggestions:
1.      All branches, divisions and state committee must produce their annual report to the party headquarters which includes minutes of the meetings conducted, activities conducted, financial report, aids from the government and all other assistance.
2.      In the appointment of Central Committee Members, there must be at least 4 members below the age of 40 and 2 of which must be female to encourage more female participation in the party.

Outline of candidate selection criteria
1. A bureau, hereby referred to as “Candidates Bureau” must be set up by the party headquarters to handle matters related to the candidate selection process.
2. Candidates for the position of the position of village head, District, Municipal or City Councils or other local councils should at gather the support and obtain 300 signatures from party members and the rakyat of that particular village or division and be submitted to the Candidates Bureau before she/he can be selected to represent the party and be appointed for the position(s) mentioned above.
3. Members who wish to be a candidate to contest for the Parliament and State seats hereby referred to as the “pre- qualified candidate” should obtain the support of party members and the rakyat in the area and constituency that she/he wishes to represent via a primary style candidate selection system.

3.1 To qualify for the nomination to be a pre-qualified candidate, a member is required to put a deposit of RM 5000.00 with the Candidates Bureau.
3.2 The pre-qualified candidate must initially gather the support and obtain at least 1000 signatures from the party members within the constituency that she/he wishes to contest.
3.3 Apart from signatures from party members, the pre-qualified candidate must also obtain at least 2000 signatures from the rakyat based on the racial composition. For example, if a particular area consists of 60% of Chinese, 25 % of Malay, 10% of Indians, she/he must gather 1200 signatures from the Chinese voters and the following.

3.4 Upon obtaining the signatures required, which totals to 3000 signatures, these signatures must be submitted the Candidates Bureau for verification.

3.5 Failure to obtain the number of signatures required will result in the deposit being forfeited and the participation of the pre-qualified candidate hereby ends.

3.6 The pre-qualified candidate will then be required to sit for an interview and a qualifying examination on which the questions will be determined by the Candidates Bureau. Fluency in Bahasa Malaysia and English is a compulsory.
3.7 The pre-qualified candidate who passed all the criteria mentioned above will then be qualified as a candidate, hereby referred to as the “candidate” to represent the party contest for the Parliament or State Assembly seat of that area.
4. In the event that there is more than one pre-qualified candidate for a particular constituency, the Candidates Bureau must hold a primary election on a specific date at a specific location within the constituency on which party members and members of the public are invited to vote for a candidate to represent the party.
4.1 During this primary election, the pre-qualified candidates must obtain at least 7% of votes of the total number of registered voters based on racial composition available at the time of the primary election.
4.2 The pre-qualified candidate who obtains the required 7% of the votes and the highest number of votes among all others will then be the candidate that will represent the party to contest in a Parliament or State Assembly seat of that area.
5. The pre-qualified candidate and his/her agent shall not spend more than 10% of the expenditure limit set by the Election Commision. In the event that a pre-qualified candidate is found to be spending more than the amount stipulated, his/her participation will be declared as null and void. In the event that bribery is involved and evidence being provided, the pre-qualified candidate will be automatically disqualified.
6. The Candidates Bureau must hold this exercise to select a candidate 12 months after the general election and this exercise shall not last longer than 6 months.

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