Saturday, 24 August 2013

Proposal for an escalator system to link Gohtong Jaya and Genting Highlands

An escalator at a Tube station in London

It has been too many and too much. It is sickening to read about the latest bus accident at Genting Highlands that claimed 39 lives. What is more sickening is to read about contradicting news reports about the attitude of the deceased driver, the condition of the bus and even the number of passengers allowed in the bus. Enough is enough!
This is not the first major accident along the slopes of the road up and down of the most visited tourist destination in Malaysia. Smaller scale life claiming accidents that missed a mention in the news happened frequently. Business must have been good that tow trucks can be often seen parked at a spot not far from Awana Genting, according to a friend who work at the resort. For me personally, navigating the slopes is not an easy task.
Each time when I have some functions up there, I would prefer to take the cable car from Gohtong Jaya but on weekends and public holiday, the wait can be terrible therefore many people opt to drive or take a bus that deliver the passengers all the way to the top. No doubt that the road up the hill has improved so much since the 90s, but it is still one of the most hazardous one in the country.
Hereby I would like to propose that the resort, as part of its community service project to build an escalator system that link Gohtong Jaya and the peak itself that operates 24 hours and big enough to accommodate the ever growing traffic. With the completion of this escalator system, busses will no longer be allowed beyond Gohtong Jaya.
For all that I know, the management of the resort is very good at solving parking woes, so parking should not be a problem for those who opt to take the escalator and with the escalator working 24 hours, it might attract even frequent visitors that drives up to use to it. The whole system shall be designed to lessen the number of cars being driven up to the peak and therefore reduce the number of accidents. The resort has already boosted a good escalator system linking First World Hotel with the theme parks and the casino; therefore I believe this proposal is a doable project for them.
At the present moment, the longest escalator in the world is the Central–Mid-Levels escalators in Hong Kong, 800 meters long with a vertical climb of 135 meters. If the one in Genting Highlands becomes a reality one day, it will be the longest and highest in the world.

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