Saturday, 10 August 2013

A personal passion: A love of Order (Part 4)

A desire for ordered living and fondness for teapots and porcelain vases come together in the living room of the Mental Cultivation Studio. Here, limited space, display cabinets, sofa sets and a day bed really tests one’s designing and organizational skills. Lining the walls are calligraphy by well known masters. 

This altar was originally facing the front door but upon the advice of a friend who studies Feng Shui, it was relocated to face indoor instead. A Ming Dynasty porcelain with a lion cap hidden below the altar serves as my tea caddy. 

This mother of pearl inlaid rosewood cabinet is where my most precious teapots are being put on display. On the top of the cabinet are displays of the snuff bottles that I collected, mostly dated back to late 19th century and early 20th century.  Seen here too, my favourite chair at home, a rosewood rocking chair with the carving of a quote from Su Dongbo about the joy of living. 

The place with a view of Bukit Lanjan and my afternoon nap settee. A day bed, made of elmwood with red lacquer and gold finishing is stacked with two cushions from hand carried back from Tibet and a piece of wolf skin, from the Qinghai Province. Hanging on the wall is a 17th century painting of Lang Shining, a Jesuit at the court of Emperor Qianlong. 

The jichi wood sofa that daddy bought for me when I moved into this house. On the far right corner is the miniature Zen garden that I created after the visit to Ryoanji Temple in Kyoto. The "Generosity Poem" by the well known Master Bai Shuan of Beijing is a powerful inspiration and reminder.

A partition that was constructed to create an orderly "qi" flow into the house. 

Neat, spacious and orderly. The calligraphy on the right is by premier calligrapher, Master Wang Kui, the four Chinese characters of 万世福泽 means "Good Luck till Eternity". 

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