Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A personal passion: Living with antiques (Part 1)

A carved wooden plaque flanked by a pair of golden lions with my personal calligraphy stating "Mental Cultivation Studio", written on a summer day of the year of Tiger.

Since my last posting about the contemporary design of my bedroom in Teluk Intan, many friends that are following this blog have been asking me to allow them to take a pictorial tour of my private sanctuary. “You live in a museum!” that was the usual comment of friends that visited me.
Painstakingly collected over the years, these are my personal passion and love for traditional Chinese furniture, paintings, calligraphy, vases, Yixing purple clay teapots, carpets and of all, memorabilia of the Cultural Revolution and Chairman Mao.
I hereby welcome you to Mental Cultivation Studio:

The front door with a pair of Chinese couplet following the tradition of family homes in China. A Chinese lantern made of imperial yellow cloth hangs above. 

On the left of the entrance, a pair of porcelain paintings of birds and flowers with characters meaning "Bright Mountains, Beautiful Waters, a phrase commonly used in Feng Shui to indicate an auspicious site. 

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