Friday, 9 August 2013

A personal passion: A collector’s haven (Part 3)

Anything worth collecting ! Notable collection in this section includes a few Han Dynasty porcelains and three terracotta warriors in their original colour when excavated. The Maneki Nekos are mostly gifts from friends who know I love cats. Last but not least, teapots fighting for spaces! 

Turn left after admiring the horses and other collectibles, a portrait of Emperor Qian Long, bought from the Imperial Museum Store in Beijing flanked by a pair of famille rose porcelain zither hung facing the early 20th century reproduction portrait of his grandfather, Emperor Kangxi. Thereupon, one enters the main living room of Mental Cultivation Studio. 

A three in one table made of zitan wood that serves as my dining table, mahjong table or otherwise, for me to put my miscellaneous items inside the bamboo basket. Seen here, two CD racks from IKEA converted into rooms for my teapots.  

 The view of the ever under utilized kitchen from the dining area. A pair of rosewood chair with the carvings of mythical figurines serves as additional chairs for guests. 

Hanging on top of Emperor Kangxi's portrait is a Tibetian Mandala which was drawn by a Rinpoche that I bought while visiting Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa. See here, 38 horses gallops into the house and Ming Dynasty standing oil lamp which was modified for modern day usage. 

A replica of the Ming Dynasty ship bringing in its precious cargo from the wealth direction and a victory horse with the inscription of "Success Achieved". A purple clay pot which resembles a Tang Dynasty wealth urn serves as my coin bank.

On display here are my piggy banks, figurines of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea and a replica of a Thai altar that I bought from the night market in Chiang Mai. On the far left corner at the bottom is an antique Japanese bronze lamp bought in Nara and next to it is a huge porcelain pagoda style vase. A small purple clay urn on far right is where some of my teas are kept. 

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