Sunday, 7 July 2013

Who among your friends had made a reservation in hell?

The darkest place in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of a moral crisis – Dante Allghieri
In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends – Martin Luther King

A very good friend of mine living across the Causeway is recently facing a moral crisis erupted out partly due her own doing during her wild younger days and another half of it from the intrigue of office politics involving her husband. As the matter is currently under investigation by the authority, I am not going to comment about the issue.
Nevertheless, I felt nauseated when she revealed to me how those whom previously called themselves her “close friends, best friends, sisters and whatever close honorific that they can attest to prove their friendship” are keeping their distance away from her. Her calls to them went unanswered and their silences are obvious. On another obvious front, overnight, she lost hundreds of friends on Facebook.
In between sobs, she confessed that she was dumb folded by the acts of her “friends”. Even in her wildest dream, she will never ever imagined that majority of her friends will treat her this way. There was no party that she was not invited. Everyone enjoyed her company so much that her social calendar is full to the max. She is always true and nice to all her friends. Her mobile phone that once rang almost non-stop is now completely silence except for calls from a few who still cares.
But alas, who can predict human nature? Her downfall serves as a good reminder to us not to be blind folded by the sweet words of our friends or act of kindness by them during good times. Some of us are lucky that we know who we can count on in times of trouble but most of the time; we only get to see who they are when misfortune struck.
Seeing her suffering, I suddenly remember that not too long ago, someone asked me in this blogosphere if I believe in karma. I replied that I do. Yes, I do. My principle is that, I do not care how others will come to my rescue one day when I need them but to my friends out there, you can be assured that you can count on me when you need me. Even knowingly that you are making use of me, I will still be there for I believe in karma.
The first lessons of the story here is that we should not abandon our friend when they are in trouble and the second is that, do not blindly believe that those who treat you well during sunny days will be there for you during raining days. Don’t be surprised that a friend who has constant fight and argument with you will be there for you. True friendship is a plant of slow growth that has to go through different seasons.

So, do you know who among your friends that has made a reservation at the place as said by Dante?

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  1. A former dear friend has reserved a place!!!