Thursday, 11 July 2013

Little gestures and words of encouragements

It is almost two months that members of New Movement and I have been going around the country to meet grassroots MCA members who are willing to spend their precious time to listen to us explaining to them about the need for MCA to change and why change is crucial to the survival of MCA.

We have been received with very warm welcome by grassroots leaders. Before any scheduled speaking engagement, a visit to the restaurant is a ritual. I have to confess that I am putting on weight thanks to the generosity of the grassroots MCA leaders everywhere that New Movement made a roadshow. On a roadshow to Kuala Selangor yesterday, the vice chairman of the Kuala Selangor division even gave each of us a souvenir with the word “” (luck) and wishes all us best of luck on our journey to reform the party.

Besides that, we have also received words of encouragements from many members of the grassroots. One phrase that I could hardly forget is from a local leader in Segamat, Johor, who wishes that New Movement will not be just the twinkle stars in the sky but diminishes later. He urged us to move on, to create a prairie fire that can truly reform our party. Whenever I recall his word, I would recall that Chairman Mao, in 1930 said that “a single spark can start a prairie fire”, urging his comrades to forge ahead with the revolution in China.

No doubt we do received our fair share of challenging questions from the grassroots with regards to how far we can go to reform the party and some cynical remarks. However, all these only made us even more eager to move ahead and work harder to see a reformed and successful MCA. As mortal beings, there are times that I can feel the tiredness of crisscrossing the country but all the little gestures and words of encouragements made me feel touched and humbled. Thank you everyone. Together, we can see change in MCA and we can make sure that MCA returns to its glory. 

P/S: There are people who claimed that "Change" is the English version of "Ubah" and that we are copycats. Be it "change" or "ubah", these two words are not the monopoly of any single organisation or entity. Pakatan Rakyat can have their "ubah" and MCA can have our own "change". Neither side can claim any copyright to it. 

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